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Do you know if any of your Contacts have left their Companies?

Jennifer Preston By on August 28, 2019

Well now you do. is now tracking hard email bounces and will make this information available to you on various screens such as on the Contact Page Or on the Relationship Plan Page Or if you want to export all these emails you can navigate to Setup > Exception Reports > Bounce Report and you can export them all to csv to potentially exclude these people from future marketing emails etc... This has the side benefit of

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Real Time Scorecards

Arnulf Hsu By on July 23, 2019

Do you manage to a Sales Scorecard? Track certain KPIs or Metrics that aren't just about Deals closed? Examples of these KPIs might include: - Meetings Scheduled vs Completed - Certain Types of Meetings such as (Demo's, initial Meetings, etc...) - Number of Calls Made - Pipeline Coverage Ratios etc... Many Sales Managers and Ops Managers are still using manual processes and Excel to do this. This is time consuming, not real time (usually at best weekly numbers), and in many cases not totally accurate as in

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What Meetings Are We Having Every Month?

Arnulf Hsu By on July 17, 2019

Are we meeting with our Channel Partners? Are we doing Demos? First Meetings? Are my field reps spending time in the Field? Answers to these questions are all early indicators around future Deal Flow and Revenue. If we don't do enough Demos or First Meetings, how can we expect revenue next month (assuming we typically close deals in 2 months)? Tracking this stuff has historically been a real pain. Not anymore. As you know already connects to Calendars to pulls Events to

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Alexa, what’s my Forecast?

Arnulf Hsu By on June 29, 2019 is an AI based Forecasting Platform. Here we try to explain how we derive your Worst Case, Most Likely and Best Case Scenarios. builds highly advanced Dynamic AI Models based on your historical data and applies them to your existing Deals. Read more in depth here. Each Model contains Sales Stages, duration and win rates based on a whole bunch of criteria (activity, personas engaged, sales cycle attributes such as MEDDIC or other fields, etc...). First, we forecast by a Period,

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What Happened to the Deals?

Arnulf Hsu By on June 19, 2019

Want to know how those Committed or Upside deals actually performed? Where did they go? Did we close those Committed Deals? Or did they get Downgraded or Lost? This new Pipeline Flow report shows you the answers to these questions. We have always had Pipeline Waterfall reports which show you new deals, upgrade, downgrades, pushes, etc... but you didn't really have visibility into how deals moved WITHIN the Forecast (Uncommitted > Upside > Committed) To view, go to Reports > Pipeline > Flow Click

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