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SAML Support

by Jennifer Preston on April 22, 2020

SalesDirector.ai supports Security Assertion Markup Language (aka SAML) and is SAML 2.0 compatible.

This means that you can use your corporate network's primary authentication mechanism to authenticate users into SalesDirector.ai. This also streamlines user management into a single place.

SAML has been around for a while and is the standard for Single Sign On. There is a great post here about What is SAML

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3rd Party Contact Enrichment

by Jennifer Preston on April 6, 2020

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Revenue Intelligence all thrives on CLEAN data. Without GOOD and CLEAN data, all the fancy reports and insights are garbage. As we know CRM data is not always the cleanest, Opportunity and Deal data is usually ok since you need to understand the state and size of your deals, but Account and Contact "meta data" such as Location, Revenue Size, # of Employees, and up to date Contact information such as Title, Phone, Mobile

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Manage your Relationships now with Drag and Drop

by Jennifer Preston on February 10, 2020

Deals have participants and stakeholders. Do you know Who is who in the Zoo?

As a rep you probably know the people involved in your deal. But do your Managers? CRM, Salesforce, SalesDirector.ai, etc… all have this notion of Opportunity Contact Roles, or Stakeholders in Microsoft Dynamics terminology. SalesDirector.ai calls them Personas which all sync

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Connecting Mail: Service Account vs Individual Opt In

by Jennifer Preston on September 17, 2019

SalesDirector.ai connects to your Organization's email and calendars in order to drive Revenue Intelligent Insights around your Opportunities and Accounts. SalesDirector.ai has out of the box connectors for Office 365, GSuite/Gmail, and even supports Microsoft Exchange On Premise.

Today we will evaluate the 2 main ways to connect your Organizations's Mail system to SalesDirector.ai.

In short, you have two options: Service Account or Individual Opt

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Do you know if any of your Contacts have left their Companies?

by Jennifer Preston on August 28, 2019

Well now you do. SalesDirector.ai is now tracking hard email bounces and will make this information available to you on various screens such as on the Contact Page Or on the Relationship Plan Page Or if you want to export all these emails you can navigate to Setup > Exception Reports > Bounce Report and you can export them all to csv to potentially exclude these people from future marketing emails etc... This has the side benefit of

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