Sales Intelligence

Get complete visibility into how your sellers are engaging with your customers, your pipeline and drive accurate sales forecasts.

Opportunity Insights

Instant Pipeline Visibility & Projections

Our AI identifies challenges with each rep’s pipeline coverage, and gives suggestions on when to generate new pipeline, increase pipeline velocity and more.

  • Pipeline risk meter
  • AI-enhanced pipeline projections
Opportunity Relationship Plan

Determine Pipeline Risk

Automatically identify and record all buyers engaged around an opportunity. Quickly identify supporters and detractors around deals, and coach reps to ensure they are engaging with the right relationships at the right time.

  • AI-based sentiment analysis
  • AI-based relationship plan
  • Contact auto creation & Opportunity association
Slack Sales Coaching

Coach Reps in Real-Time

Coach reps to success with timely SMS and Slack reminders for your company’s best practices, like identifying economic buyers, decision criteria and next steps.

  • SMS & Slack coaching
  • Just-in-time reminders
  • Customizable to your sales process

Weekly Sales Digests

Keep Reps and Deals on Track

Keep deals on track with proactive reminders and performance digests. Send reps predictions on their forecast and actuals, % attainment, where AI predicts they will end the quarter, deal risk and more.

  • Next meeting reminders
  • AI-based worst case and best case predictions
  • Attainment and forecast
Opportunity Insights

Give Reps Actionable, AI-Based Intelligence

Our AI understands your sales process and sends reps best practices based on historical patterns around cycle times, conversion rates and current buyer interaction.

  • Expected close date warnings
  • Required activities warnings
  • Ignored relationship warnings
Sales Forecasting

Increase Forecast Accuracy

Get an objective opinion on your subjective sales forecasts. Our risk adjusted forecasts tell you where your business is going to come from and where it’s not.

  • Risk adjusted sales forecasts
  • Predictive sales forecasting
  • Real-time opportunity data
  • Built-in sales maturity model
  • Deal risk meter
  • Rep and manager forecast roll-up
Pipeline Indexes

Get Faster Insights and Answers

Get the complete picture without having to build complex Salesforce reports. Go from high level summaries to Rep or account level insights in seconds.

  • Forecast summaries
  • Activity by rep reports
  • Win rate reports
  • Cycle time reports
Sales Coaching

Empower Reps to Get More Out of CRM

Access’s powerful AI tools and insights from right inside Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Deal activity
  • Relationship plan
  • AI-Based insights