Marketing Campaign Intelligence

Understand what is working and what's not so you can do more of what is.

Tie Marketing Campaigns
to Revenue

CampaignHub connects your Marketing Campaigns, Leads and Contacts to dollars. Prove exactly how much Opportunity Value and Revenue your Marketing campaigns are driving.

Marketing Attribution
Marketing Buyer Signals

Measure Campaign Effectiveness in Real-Time

Understand how a campaign is performing from the highest level - revenue & opportunity value attribution - all the way down to the actual conversations members are having with Sales.

Drive Sales Activity Around
Your Leads

See Sales email, call, and meeting activity right alongside Campaign members. Identify qualified leads that Sales hasn’t engaged with and drive action by notifying the lead owner.

Understand Sales Activities to Marketing Leads
Opportunity Timeline View

Give Credit to Marketing Touchpoints

With access to complete contact and activity data, it's easy to see how marketing is having a meaningful impact on sales.

See exactly when and where Marketing is helping sales acquire new leads and accelerate existing opportunities.

Power Marketing Attribution Reports

See Marketing’s total influence, drill down into influence by channel, or analyze different touch-points using multi-touch attribution.

  • Marketing Total Influence
  • Marketing Influence by channel
  • First touch, Last touch, Multi touch attribution
  • Ready to use reports & dashboards
Marketing Attribution
Marketing Timeline View

Visualize the Opportunity Journey

Get the complete picture of the entire opportunity journey, including every single Marketing and Sales touch, in one easy-to-understand timeline view.

  • Original lead source
  • Marketing email and campaign touches
  • Sales email, meeting, call touches
  • Deal updates (Opportunity stage, Deal size)
  • Pursuit team touches

Target Entire Accounts with ABM

Reach the entire buying team with your ABM campaigns, not just the 1 contact sales has identified. Identify decision makers who Sales is already engaging with, but haven’t entered into CRM.

  • Build target account audiences automatically
  • Salesforce integration
Marketing Account Based Marketing

Start Moving Marketing Leads Through The Funnel