100% Automated Contact and Activity Capture

Give Leaders the Visibility they need without Battling your Reps.

Automate CRM Data Entry

Capture all interactions between sellers and buyers WITHOUT requiring Reps to tag emails or interact with any interface.

  • Email & Meetings Logging to CRM
  • Automatic Contact Creation in CRM
  • Contact Opportunity Association in CRM
Salesforce Automated CRM Data Entry
Enrich Contacts with Signature Capture

Enhanced Contacts

Through Signature Capture Technology we are able to fill out the Contact Record with fields like Title, Phone, Mobile #s, etc...

  • Understand Department and Seniority
  • Leverage your Existing Data
  • Know who is Engaged

Meta Data Access in CRM

Access to Meta Data in NATIVE Salesforce Objects. Power your Reports with Activity Data such as:

  • Opportunities without a Next Meeting
  • Accounts that have no Activity
  • Contacts that havent been touched in a while
  • and more...
Automated MEDDIC or MEDDPIC Sales Methodologies

Ready to automate 90% of CRM data entry and give your reps more time to sell?