Should Revenue Operations Be Centralized?

by Isaac Garcia on April 7, 2021

Every successful company has an evolving revenue operations team that is focused on maximizing the efficiency of the sales organization. That revenue operations team might be an informal group of Salesforce Administrators and Sales Operations Analysts or it could be a formalized department (Revenue Operations) that works hand in glove with sales and marketing leaders to reduce friction in the selling motion.

Ultimately, no matter the stage or maturity of your sales organization, the revenue

Read More Recognized as High Performer by G2 – Winter 2021

by Isaac Garcia on March 18, 2021

Moving through 2021 is proud to be recognized as a High Performer by G2 and all of our successful customers in several categories. 2020 was a historic and difficult year for everyone which makes this recognition all the more notable.

For Winter 2021,

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How Revenue Intelligence Drives Predictable Revenue

by Isaac Garcia on March 16, 2021

The goal of every startup is to get to predictable revenue and then to get to scalable predictable revenue. Most startups never make it to predictable revenue because they never really find Product Market Fit (PMF).

Prior to PMF, the sales teams is chaotic, disorganized, ad-hoc, unreliable and choppy. The sales team is small, founder-driven and no one is wearing any armor during the battle. Both founders and reps return daily

Read More Salesforce AppExchange v3

by Jennifer Preston on March 9, 2021

A new version of the App inside of Salesforce is finally out. Salesforce is your System of Record. There are always question about "where to my reps go", "which app should I use".

We are working towards putting more panels and functionality inside Salesforce, which now with Lightning UI, has a much better interface than before, so your reps and managers no longer have to leave the comfort of

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The Problems with Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce

by Isaac Garcia on March 9, 2021

Most B2B SaaS companies are using Salesforce as their CRM and system of record. Salesforce has rightfully earned the position of being the biggest SaaS of them all. But what started out as the little guy declaring "No Software" against the "Big Iron" establishment has turned into David becoming Goliath.

Today the Salesforce ecosystem sprawls beyond CRM and snakes into Marketing, Finance, Support, Social, Messaging, Dashboarding, Reporting, Document Management, Project Management, collaboration and now artificial

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Why Revenue Intelligence Matters

by Isaac Garcia on February 24, 2021

Revenue Intelligence is the ability to automatically process and analyze sales and marketing data across your entire revenue stack and deliver insights that drive your Go-To-Market teams and scale your business.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able to take advantage of Revenue Intelligence because the sales and marketing data is not reliable or is incomplete. Traditionally, sales leaders relied on their sales reps to manually enter the data into the CRM so that reports

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Twenty Twenty Is In the Rearview Mirror Now

by Isaac Garcia on December 29, 2020

As we start to wrap up the final days of this historic year - we wanted to reflect on some of the product enhancements and milestones that might have gotten lost in the noise this past year. It certainly has been one of the most challenging years of our collective lives. While we all continue to adjust and adapt to the "new normal" there are new habits and adjustments that have impacted companies working-from-home and using SalesDirector.

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New Pipeline and Activity Reports – December 2020

by Jennifer Preston on December 16, 2020

As we wind down into the end of 2020 we wanted to update you all on a new set of reports that we've been working on. As of this week, has added a variety of reports around pipeline and activity. Here is a quick summary:

Pipeline History Reports

The Pipeline History report helps you understand how your pipeline is changing over time. For example, "How has my

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Introducing’s Revenue Intelligence API for Enterprise Sales Organizations

by Isaac Garcia on November 19, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that is launching its Revenue Intelligence API this week - the first of many steps (and the first of its kind) that position as the leader in the revenue data space.'s revenue data platform will empower businesses with unparalleled flexibility in the way their revenue organization leverages its sales data and interacts with its customers.

When we founded just under three years ago, we set out

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B2B SaaS and Startup Founder Isaac Garcia Joins Executive Team as CEO

by Babar Batla on October 8, 2020


Today, Inc. announced that Isaac Garcia, former Co-Founder and CEO of Central Desktop and Co-Founder of Upgradebase, has joined as CEO of is the revenue intelligence platform that connects people, activity, and engagement across the enterprise buying journey and gives leaders the complete revenue picture of their business. 

"We are pleased to welcome Isaac Garcia to as a seasoned SaaS leader and experienced

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