AutoScribe Health Index Scores inside Salesforce

by Jennifer Preston on May 17, 2021 automatically calculates Opportunity Health (for Sales Teams) and Account Health (for Customer Success/Account Management teams).

These show up as meters on the List and Detail views in the app. But what if you want to use these fields in your Salesforce native views/reports or screens? can write these back to your native Salesforce Objects. Example: Opportunity Object, Account Object, etc....

To do

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Salesforce Activity Custom Fields

by Jennifer Preston on May 10, 2021

Tracking additional information in Salesforce around Activity is very helpful for various Metrics.

For example if you want to track things like:

  • # of Meeting per SalesRep / AE
  • # of Demos per SDR or BDR
  • # of Deep Dive sessions per AE
  • # of Meetings where a Channel Partner was involved
  • # of Meeting a SE was involved in a Customer facing meeting
  • # of Virtual Meetings vs Face to Face
  • # of First vs

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by Jennifer Preston on May 10, 2021 analyzes a lot of data from CRM and Email, Calendar, Call Logs, and many other data sources.

Want to know....

  • Opportunity Health or Risk from a "Data" Standpoint?
  • when the next meeting is?
  • when the last meeting was?
  • when the last Customer Response was?
  • etc....

If you want to see these fields inside your Salesforce you can simply create these fields in your Opportunity Object as "custom fields" and you can

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Should Revenue Operations Be Centralized?

by Isaac Garcia on April 7, 2021

Every successful company has an evolving revenue operations team that is focused on maximizing the efficiency of the sales organization. That revenue operations team might be an informal group of Salesforce Administrators and Sales Operations Analysts or it could be a formalized department (Revenue Operations) that works hand in glove with sales and marketing leaders to reduce friction in the selling motion.

Ultimately, no matter the stage or maturity of your sales organization, the revenue

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How Revenue Intelligence Drives Predictable Revenue

by Isaac Garcia on March 16, 2021

The goal of every startup is to get to predictable revenue and then to get to scalable predictable revenue. Most startups never make it to predictable revenue because they never really find Product Market Fit (PMF).

Prior to PMF, the sales teams is chaotic, disorganized, ad-hoc, unreliable and choppy. The sales team is small, founder-driven and no one is wearing any armor during the battle. Both founders and reps return daily

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Why Revenue Intelligence Matters

by Isaac Garcia on February 24, 2021

Revenue Intelligence is the ability to automatically process and analyze sales and marketing data across your entire revenue stack and deliver insights that drive your Go-To-Market teams and scale your business.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able to take advantage of Revenue Intelligence because the sales and marketing data is not reliable or is incomplete. Traditionally, sales leaders relied on their sales reps to manually enter the data into the CRM so that reports

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Calendar Activity Capture Best Practices

by Arnulf Hsu on September 10, 2020

Sales insights and sales reporting are only as good as the data in (or whatever CRM system you are using). If the data in is incomplete, missing or unreliable then its hard to trust the sales insights being reported. SalesDirector solves this by automatically capturing all sales related emails and calendar activities (meetings, etc) and feeding them into

Best Practices of Calendar Activity Capture

In order for this to

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Using Autoscribe to Automatically Log Time Against Opportunities

by Arnulf Hsu on June 8, 2020

Many companies have the ability to automatically capture a limited amount of information from sales reps’ email and calendar accounts.  Most tools (including Inbox) are restricted to a rudimentary form of “logging an email” or “logging a calendar event” within a contact in Salesforce but require some form of sales rep intervention. 

This week we released yet another feature that highlights the automation capabilities that the platform can provide for those using Autoscribe

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5 Things to Know About Einstein Activity Capture with Salesforce

by Isaac Garcia on June 2, 2020

Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce is a powerful add-on to the Salesforce suite that many sales organizations leverage to automate data capture. Marc Benioff, CEO at, is investing heavily into the Einstein Analytics platform and expects it to be one of the main drivers of future revenue growth. Benioff envisions Einstein Analytics having "a seat at the table" when making big decisions for his company.

"Benioff said that after he has worked around

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Einstein Activity Capture and the Biggest Problems

by Jennifer Preston on May 6, 2020

Einstein Activity Capture is a great solution for Salesforce activity tracking. Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce pulls in calendar events and emails and then identifies all the information then matches the information to already existing Salesforce Accounts and Contacts.

Activity Tracking Salesforce Biggest Problems

The problem that exists is that Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce is not able to capture brand-new leads and contacts. There will be no new contacts

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Anatomy of “B Player” Sales Reps

by Jennifer Preston on April 30, 2020

Businesses often use labels when it comes to their employees or team members. The “A player” is your top performer (whether that be because of intellect, skills or work ethic or a combination of them all).  The “B player” sales rep usually gets along well with other but works inconsistently and rarely asks for help or guidance. The “C player” is the rep who just never hits the sales goals and is not a team player.

It obvious what to do

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5 Tips to Help Struggling Sales Reps

by Jennifer Preston on April 21, 2020

It is estimated that the turnover rate for salespeople is roughly 27%, according to the Harvard Business Review.  What this boils down to is that out of 4 of your reps 1 will be gone within the next year. The turnover in the sales industry is double that in other industries. As salespeople know, sales is a very tough job. All salespeople, no matter how good they are at their job are bound to hit a few low quarters. As a good manager, it

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Driving Sales with Insights and Analytics

by Jennifer Preston on April 17, 2020

Modern sales teams are already overwhelmed.  The new reality of sales teams working from home because of the COVID19 quarantines in most part of the world are making the lives of sales professionals more difficult than ever.  At the office (the work office), inside sales teams had direct access to all of the tools they needed to be successful:  laptop, desk phone, reliable high speed internet, all of the software they needed and technical support to get it

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Manage Salesforce Activities More Efficiently

by Jennifer Preston on April 2, 2020

Managing a team of sales reps takes vigilance and the power to stay ahead of the game. As a sales leader you are wearing many hats and keeping a lot of balls in the air.

On a typical day the average sales leader is:

  • Directing sales reps daily activities.
  • Coaching the team on how to connect and follow-up on leads at the right time.
  • Ensuring that the team is following the appropriate steps through each step of the

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Salesforce’s Activity Capture vs’s Autoscribe Philosophy and Product Comparison

by Jennifer Preston on November 27, 2019

First, what is Activity Capture? Its the act of taking communication data such as email, calendar events, and contacts and adding them to your CRM. CRM is your system of record and in the best of all worlds you really want to maintain a healthy CRM so you know about your customers and what is going on with them.

Salesforce has a variety of tools to deal with this including: Salesforce Chrome

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