AutoScribe Health Index Scores inside Salesforce

by Jennifer Preston on May 17, 2021 automatically calculates Opportunity Health (for Sales Teams) and Account Health (for Customer Success/Account Management teams).

These show up as meters on the List and Detail views in the app. But what if you want to use these fields in your Salesforce native views/reports or screens? can write these back to your native Salesforce Objects. Example: Opportunity Object, Account Object, etc....

To do

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Salesforce Activity Custom Fields

by Jennifer Preston on May 10, 2021

Tracking additional information in Salesforce around Activity is very helpful for various Metrics.

For example if you want to track things like:

  • # of Meeting per SalesRep / AE
  • # of Demos per SDR or BDR
  • # of Deep Dive sessions per AE
  • # of Meetings where a Channel Partner was involved
  • # of Meeting a SE was involved in a Customer facing meeting
  • # of Virtual Meetings vs Face to Face
  • # of First vs

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by Jennifer Preston on May 10, 2021 analyzes a lot of data from CRM and Email, Calendar, Call Logs, and many other data sources.

Want to know....

  • Opportunity Health or Risk from a "Data" Standpoint?
  • when the next meeting is?
  • when the last meeting was?
  • when the last Customer Response was?
  • etc....

If you want to see these fields inside your Salesforce you can simply create these fields in your Opportunity Object as "custom fields" and you can

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Should Revenue Operations Be Centralized?

by Isaac Garcia on April 7, 2021

Every successful company has an evolving revenue operations team that is focused on maximizing the efficiency of the sales organization. That revenue operations team might be an informal group of Salesforce Administrators and Sales Operations Analysts or it could be a formalized department (Revenue Operations) that works hand in glove with sales and marketing leaders to reduce friction in the selling motion.

Ultimately, no matter the stage or maturity of your sales organization, the revenue

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How Revenue Intelligence Drives Predictable Revenue

by Isaac Garcia on March 16, 2021

The goal of every startup is to get to predictable revenue and then to get to scalable predictable revenue. Most startups never make it to predictable revenue because they never really find Product Market Fit (PMF).

Prior to PMF, the sales teams is chaotic, disorganized, ad-hoc, unreliable and choppy. The sales team is small, founder-driven and no one is wearing any armor during the battle. Both founders and reps return daily

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