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Jennifer Preston


on April 2, 2020

Managing a team of sales reps takes vigilance and the power to stay ahead of the game. As a sales leader you are wearing many hats and keeping a lot of balls in the air.

On a typical day the average sales leader is:

  • Directing sales reps daily activities.
  • Coaching the team on how to connect and follow-up on leads at the right time.
  • Ensuring that the team is following the appropriate steps through each step of the sales funnel.
  • Making sure the lines of communication are always open (to everyone).
  • Keeping up with product knowledge and training.
  • Highlighting achievements and celebrating wins by sales reps throughout the entire company.
  • Results-driven and makes data-driven decisions. 

Your Business CRM and Sales Reps

Two of the leading CRMs in the software / saas business world are Salesforce and Dynamics 365 (Microsoft CRM). CRMs are the spine to any sales organizations – no matter the size.  The CRM is also the core to streamlining sales processes and accessing customer data.  Ultimately, the sales funnel is generated and managed through the company’s CRM. 

It is estimated that roughly 79% of leads are never converted to sales. Lead nurturing is essential, and the CRM helps to keeps all the information together and sorted so that data is not lost in the sales funnel.

Sales leaders are focused on motivating their team and making sure they are working efficiently.  One of their biggest tasks is making sure that the sales reps are entering the data into the CRM. Sometimes information is not entered because the rep overlooked the task, forgot to log the meeting or didn’t make any notes for the call. There are times when important information will be forgotten or simply lost. It is no secret that sales reps hate updating the CRM and would prefer to focus their time on “sales generating” activities.

Data Entry Automation

Automated CRM data entry allows sales reps to use their time to acquire more leads and make more sales. Customer relations can be followed more closely because time is not being spent entering the data that is necessary to keep the sales funnel moving smoothly.

AutoScribe is one such solution. AutoScribe does not require client-side plug-in so there is no hassle with configuring or glitches. Autoscribe works with Salesforce, GSuite or Office 365/Exchange.

With AutoScribe there is 100% automated contact and activity capture. Automatically log calendar events, emails, create contacts and have them attached to the right opportunities. All these tasks are automatically entered and updated without the use of manual entry. This software also allows sales managers to see exactly what is happening in real-time so that important opportunities are not being overlooked.

Providing your teams with tools that help keep critical information updated and logged in the CRM allows them to be successful and ultimately produce more sales.

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