Power Your Revenue Stack with Intelligent Sales Data

Product BI Connector

Leverage SalesDirector's powerful Revenue API to unleash AI analyzed CRM and Activity Data (and metadata) with your Business Intelligence tool of choice. Query data DIRECTLY to access predictive insights and sales analytics.

Power all of your sales, marketing, revenue and financial dashboards with clean, analyzed sales data in real-time.


Create customized dashboards, forecast insights and leaderboards.


Direct access to new found contacts to power targeted and timely Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns. Close the loop on marketing attribution.

Customer Success

Visualize account health to quickly identify at-risk accounts. Discover new growth and upsell opportunities.


Slice revenue data by customer, new account growth, sales rep, territories. Drill down into details to find the truth.

Schedule a discovery session with our AI-based Revenue Intelligence Platform and we'll show you how we can:

  • T-SQL Queryable
  • Predictive Data
  • Access to self-learning heuristics
  • Create Dashboards in Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, Google Data Studio, and more...

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