Customer Success Intelligence

Get complete visibility into your relationships of your Existing Customers and how you can sell more to your existing base.

Customer Success Accounts by Risk

Determine Account Risk

Automatically identify and record all customer engagement, including Product Usage, Support Tickets, etc... Understand CSM engagement and Customer Sentiment vs just Usage.

  • Account Risk Scoring
  • AI-based sentiment analysis
  • Contact auto creation
Opportunity Contact Roles Relationship Plan

Understand All Stakeholders

Our AI identifies all the users and stakeholders interacting with your organization. Identify Supporters and Detractors. Get ahead of your Churn.

  • AI-based relationship plan
  • Real customer engagement
  • Correlated to product usage
Customer Success Activity by Account

Understand Cost & Time against your Accounts

Monitor CSM's customer engagement by Account. Target and Identify Larger Accounts with Upside Potential. Reduce Effort on Smaller Accounts.

  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Understand Cost to Service your Accounts

Start Moving Marketing Leads Through The Funnel