Salesforce Activity Custom Fields

Jennifer Preston


on May 10, 2021

Tracking additional information in Salesforce around Activity is very helpful for various Metrics.

For example if you want to track things like:

  • # of Meeting per SalesRep / AE
  • # of Demos per SDR or BDR
  • # of Deep Dive sessions per AE
  • # of Meetings where a Channel Partner was involved
  • # of Meeting a SE was involved in a Customer facing meeting
  • # of Virtual Meetings vs Face to Face
  • # of First vs Second vs Third Meetings
  • etc…..

In order to get to this info you would need complete data, to get complete data you either a) need to get your team to manually log all their meetings or b) find a solution that automated all the meeting and email capture for you.

Lucky for you does all this in the background. Automatic Email and Meeting capture along with Contact Creation so your Salesforce is always up to date.

How can a system know if a meeting is Face to Face vs Virtual? Or if a Channel Partner attended a meeting?

Because is smart, and knows a lot about the participants of a meeting, location, etc…

  • We look for meeting links such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc… vs a Physical Address
  • OR we look for attendees where the Contact is attached to an Account that is marked as a Sales Partner, etc…
  • OR Is this the first meeting that has been had with the prospect?
  • OR based on topics/keywords/or phrases is this a Demo Meeting vs something else…

If has a access to the data, it can figure it out.

To track these additional fields you simply need to:

  • Define what you want to track
  • Create some Custom fields on your Activity Object (Event or Task) in Salesforce
  • Let your Customer Success manager know about these fields and will automatically write this information back to your Salesforce

Example of Event Object with additional fields:

Salesforce event

Then you can build cool Salesforce Reports and Dashboards like this:

Build cool salesforce reports

Thats it.

Lets automate your Activity Capture and make meaning out of the data and hold your Reps accountable.

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