Einstein Activity Capture and the Biggest Problems

Jennifer Preston


on May 6, 2020

Einstein Activity Capture is a great solution for Salesforce activity tracking. Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce pulls in calendar events and emails and then identifies all the information then matches the information to already existing Salesforce Accounts and Contacts.

Activity Tracking Salesforce Biggest Problems

The problem that exists is that Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce is not able to capture brand-new leads and contacts. There will be no new contacts added only the already existing will be updated which leaves little room for real-time updates.

The problems that arise are:

  • Salesforce Admin is the only one that can delete emails. Other users cannot just go in and clean out the emails that are no longer valuable.
  • If your business decides to no longer use Einstein Activity Capture and moves away the data that was stored on the CRM will be deleted.
  • The event and email data are not available by your API, User Interface, or standard reporting. This also means that further down the line Business Intelligence systems cannot draw from it.

According to Salesforce: “Data that is captured by Einstein Activity Capture is stored outside of Salesforce and, therefore, does not affect your Salesforce data allocations.” What this means is there is no accurate real-time activity tracking in Salesforce.

Einstein Activity Capture for Salesforce has gained momentum on getting engagement and sales activity into the CRM and allows for Einstein partners to further innovate.

But, if you are searching for a Einstein activity capture alternative that is not from Salesforce we recommend you take a peek at SalesDirector.ai’s AutoScribe

What About Salesforce Inbox and Lightning Sync?

As of Winter 2021, Lightning Sync will not be available in Lightning for new Salesforce customers. Einstein Activity Capture is Salesforce’s long term solution for syncing contacts and events between Microsoft and Google applications with Salesforce. As Salesforce continues to push customers to Einstein Activity Capture be aware of the limitations listed above in this article. If you are still on an older version of Salesforce and are using Salesforce Inbox keep in mind that your users are still manually linking emails to records in Salesforce.

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