Why Revenue Intelligence Matters

Isaac Garcia


on February 24, 2021

Revenue Intelligence is the ability to automatically process and analyze sales and marketing data across your entire revenue stack and deliver insights that drive your Go-To-Market teams and scale your business.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able to take advantage of Revenue Intelligence because the sales and marketing data is not reliable or is incomplete. Traditionally, sales leaders relied on their sales reps to manually enter the data into the CRM so that reports could be generated about Opportunities, Pipelines and Forecasts. Since their inception, CRM platforms like Salesforce and Dynamics have been able to house this data but sales reps are not very reliable at entering data consistently nor accurately.

Therefore, to achieve Revenue Intelligence, and to gain operational excellence and productivity, sales organizations need to make sure they are capturing all of the sales and marketing activities in the CRM. Rather than relying on humans to do this – Revenue Intelligence platforms can automate the capture of sales activities and ensure that they are accurately entered into the CRM. By automating this data capture process, sales reps are able to spend more time working deals, following up on opportunities and talking to prospects. Research shows that sales reps spend more than 25% of their time, every week, entering data into the CRM.

By leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), a revenue intelligence system can ensure that the data being captured is associated with the right accounts, contacts and opportunities. Let the machines do the work!

With accurate data in the revenue stack – the machines can continue to add value to the data. By leveraging AI / ML, revenue intelligence platforms help sales teams in three distinct ways:

Understand Your Pipeline

With complete data in the system, sales leaders can access insights into their sales pipelines like never before. Opportunities and Deals can be evaluated based on risk and health which take into account the sales rep and the customer activities. Sales leaders can easily identify which deals are healthy and which deals are at risk.

Get Ahead of Risk

By analyzing sales rep activities across the entire pipeline, at-risk deals can be bubbled up and highlighted for action. Because the platform is able to analyze email and calendar activity it can identify which opportunities are only having single-threaded conversations and which ones have multi-threaded conversations. The platform can also identify which deals are missing next actions or next steps. Opportunities with low engagement or low response rates from customers can be highlighted for remediation and correction.

Data Confidence

Because the revenue intelligence platform is automatically capturing all of the sales rep activities – you can trust that all of the data is being captured and entered correctly. This ensures that everything is in the CRM and not inside a sales rep’s head or in a notepad on their desk. Because of this comprehensive data, you can easily identify which deals are up-to-date and trust that the latest information is in the CRM.

Trusting a revenue intelligence platform to drive your Go-To-Market teams is critical to your long term success. Instead of relying on humans to do the work – look for revenue intelligence platforms like SalesDirector.ai that can automate this work and deliver the insights your sales leaders need to be successful. Look for a trusted partner like SalesDirector.ai who is trusted by thousands of sales reps and sales leaders to gather insights into their pipelines and to achieve true Revenue Intelligence.

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