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Reducing Data Entry for your Sales Reps

by Jennifer Preston on April 9, 2020

Automation has entered every aspect of our businesses and sales processes. In addition to the basic tools that include CRM, Marketing Automation, Outbound Automation and Call Recording Platforms - sales automation and artificial intelligence are now foundational tools for sales teams. The question is how do you use these tools to attract the right sales leads and increase sales team productivity?

Acquiring insights into prospective sales opportunities means that there

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3rd Party Contact Enrichment

by Jennifer Preston on April 6, 2020

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Revenue Intelligence all thrives on CLEAN data. Without GOOD and CLEAN data, all the fancy reports and insights are garbage. As we know CRM data is not always the cleanest, Opportunity and Deal data is usually ok since you need to understand the state and size of your deals, but Account and Contact "meta data" such as Location, Revenue Size, # of Employees, and up to date Contact information such as Title, Phone, Mobile

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Manage Salesforce Activities More Efficiently

by Jennifer Preston on April 2, 2020

Managing a team of sales reps takes vigilance and the power to stay ahead of the game. As a sales leader you are wearing many hats and keeping a lot of balls in the air.

On a typical day the average sales leader is:

  • Directing sales reps daily activities.
  • Coaching the team on how to connect and follow-up on leads at the right time.
  • Ensuring that the team is following the appropriate steps through each step of the

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AI-for-Sales 2020 Report

by Babar Batla on April 1, 2020

The Sales Mastery Group has released their 2020 "AI-for Sales Solutions Guide." The report is a round-up of 180 solutions in the AI-for-Sales space. The round up summarizes product capabilities and includes links to product websites, demo videos and other information to help you sort through the Sales / AI landscape.

Sales Mastery Group is run by Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer - both seasoned analysts who have

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The Path to Recovery with SalesDirector.ai

by Jennifer Preston on March 27, 2020

The health of your sales pipeline is one of the most important metrics to measure the current and future health of your business. 

A recent survey cited 72% of sales managers lead sales pipeline review meetings at least several times a month with their sales reps. The problem, though, is that 63% of those sales managers responding stated that the businesses they work for are doing a bad job of managing their pipelines. These numbers show that there is room

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Surely, We Live In Interesting Times

by Babar Batla on March 26, 2020

"May you live in interesting times" is a quote often cited during difficult or trying times in our lives.  Ironically, one of the origin stories of this popular phrase is often described as a "Chinese Curse" while others credit it to a collection of Chinese short stories written in 1627 where one of the main character says:

"Far better to be a dog in days of peace
Than to be a

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How is your Customer’s Pipeline Changing in These Uncertain Times?

by Jennifer Preston on March 24, 2020

As business leaders and sales managers know - business is always changing. There are always new things to adapt to. But, many of us were not ready to deal with a global pandemic and the associated changes and impact. All around the globe business offices are closing and entire workforces are working from home. What can we adjust during these changing times?

Find Ways to Support and Power your Team

Like with all changes,

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Manage your Relationships now with Drag and Drop

by Jennifer Preston on February 10, 2020

Deals have participants and stakeholders. Do you know Who is who in the Zoo?

As a rep you probably know the people involved in your deal. But do your Managers? CRM, Salesforce, SalesDirector.ai, etc… all have this notion of Opportunity Contact Roles, or Stakeholders in Microsoft Dynamics terminology. SalesDirector.ai calls them Personas which all sync

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Salesforce’s Activity Capture vs SalesDirector.ai’s Autoscribe Philosophy and Product Comparison

by Jennifer Preston on November 27, 2019

First, what is Activity Capture? Its the act of taking communication data such as email, calendar events, and contacts and adding them to your CRM. CRM is your system of record and in the best of all worlds you really want to maintain a healthy CRM so you know about your customers and what is going on with them.

Salesforce has a variety of tools to deal with this including: Salesforce Chrome

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The Biggest Issue with Einstein Activity Capture

by Jennifer Preston on November 27, 2019

Einstein Activity Capture is a great step into bringing salesrep activity data (email and calendar events) into Salesforce. By default Einstein Activity Capture pulls in emails and calendar events and associates them with EXISTING Salesforce Contacts and Accounts.

Note, Einstein Activity Capture does NOT Capture NEW Contacts. Only associates

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