New Pipeline and Activity Reports – December 2020

by Jennifer Preston on December 16, 2020

As we wind down into the end of 2020 we wanted to update you all on a new set of reports that we've been working on. As of this week, has added a variety of reports around pipeline and activity. Here is a quick summary:

Pipeline History Reports

The Pipeline History report helps

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Introducing’s Revenue Intelligence API for Enterprise Sales Organizations

by Isaac Garcia on November 19, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that is launching its Revenue Intelligence API this week - the first of many steps (and the first of its kind) that position as the leader in the revenue data space.'s revenue data platform will empower businesses with unparalleled flexibility in the way their revenue organization leverages its sales data and interacts with its customers.

When we founded just under three years ago, we set out

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B2B SaaS and Startup Founder Isaac Garcia Joins Executive Team as CEO

by Babar Batla on October 8, 2020


Today, Inc. announced that Isaac Garcia, former Co-Founder and CEO of Central Desktop and Co-Founder of Upgradebase, has joined as CEO of is the revenue intelligence platform that connects people, activity, and engagement across the enterprise buying journey and gives leaders the complete revenue picture of their business. 

"We are pleased to welcome Isaac Garcia to as a seasoned

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What’s the difference between,, Salesloft and

by Isaac Garcia on September 17, 2020

At the core of is the conviction that a good sales stack always starts with good data. Your CRM is only as good as the data that it stores and this is often contingent on how good your sales reps are at logging and inputting the details of their activity. This is why our data insights, sales analytics and revenue

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Salesforce Platform: The Role of Revenue Operations

by Isaac Garcia on September 15, 2020

Companies (mostly) exist to solve problems for customers. The longevity and survival of a company is ultimately measured in terms of its ability to generate revenue and profits.

Over the years, the various titles, roles and functions that manage revenue generation in a company has changed from Vice President of Sales to Chief Revenue Officer and other variations. Depending on the stage and type of organization the VP of Sales might be in charge of

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Data Driven Decisions in a COVID World (Why Salesforce Activity Capture Matters)

by Isaac Garcia on August 5, 2020

Companies and sales teams that rely on data to help them make their decisions are more profitable and productive (MIT Sloan) than companies that ignore the data or rely on their gut. This is even more pronounced during times of uncertainty.

As humans, we tend to make decisions out of fear, concern for safety and a desire to eliminate risk. We are deeply wired to

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Using Autoscribe to Automatically Log Time Against Opportunities

by Arnulf Hsu on June 8, 2020

Many companies have the ability to automatically capture a limited amount of information from sales reps’ email and calendar accounts.  Most tools (including Inbox) are restricted to a rudimentary form of “logging an email” or “logging a calendar event” within a contact in Salesforce but require some form of sales rep intervention. 

This week we released yet another feature that highlights the automation capabilities that the platform can provide for those using Autoscribe

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Salesforce to Gmail Integration Using AutoScribe

by Jennifer Preston on May 14, 2020

With more than six million businesses and more than 60% of the Fortune 500 using Google's G Suite (which includes Gmail) the integration of Gmail and Salesforce is a productive move for any modern sales team. If your sales teams are using Gmail and Salesforce it is critical that they use both applications together. McKinsey & Company reports that sales reps can spend up to 28% of their workday in calendars and email. It is imperative that

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Salesforce Email Integration for Success

by Jennifer Preston on May 6, 2020

We all use email daily whether for business or personal use. And chances are you are using applications like Microsoft Outlook to manage all the incoming and outgoing emails. Applications like Outlook provide other perks like managing your notes, tasks, contacts, and calendar.

All these tools are powerful for salespeople. Knowing that your time is valuable and having the ability to communicate and schedule effectively is crucial to your sales success. Its pretty simple if you cannot

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Techniques the Best Salespeople Use

by Jennifer Preston on April 28, 2020

Any sales person knows the process of selling is never as easy as it might appear. The sales world is fast-paced and a good sales person must be able to juggle many balls in the while riding a unicycle. With sales goals, sales metrics, activity dashboards and pipeline targets to manage the need for multi-tasking is apparent. But the real question is how does the salesperson know that they are giving their attention to the right areas? The

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