What Meetings Are We Having Every Month?

Arnulf Hsu


on July 17, 2019

Are we meeting with our Channel Partners? Are we doing Demos? First Meetings? Are my field reps spending time in the Field?

Answers to these questions are all early indicators around future Deal Flow and Revenue. If we don’t do enough Demos or First Meetings, how can we expect revenue next month (assuming we typically close deals in 2 months)?

Tracking this stuff has historically been a real pain. Not anymore.

As you know SalesDirector.ai already connects to Calendars to pulls Events to the right Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts. In addition, we can now align events to certain “Event Types” that you care about around tracking.

Assuming there are some common patterns to your Event Types, such as you include the word “Demo” in the title of your demo meetings or if you have tagged Channel Partners in your CRM and the Event is only with a Partner, we can easily tag those as “Partner Events”. Additionally, the system can “learn” based on the rep Tagging events.

SalesDirector.ai will also auto identify In Person events from Virtual Events. As long as an address is in the Location field of the Events, the system will auto tag In Person events.

To see what the system has auto tagged for you simply go to:
Reports > Meeting by Type
Report > Meeting Type Activity by Rep

Meeting type activity by rep

Have feedback? Email us at feedback@salesdirector.ai or if you have questions or want to learn more contact your SalesDirector.ai Customer Success Manager.

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