Connecting Mail: Service Account vs Individual Opt In

Jennifer Preston


on September 17, 2019 connects to your Organization’s email and calendars in order to drive Revenue Intelligent Insights around your Opportunities and Accounts. has out of the box connectors for Office 365, GSuite/Gmail, and even supports Microsoft Exchange On Premise.

Today we will evaluate the 2 main ways to connect your Organizations’s Mail system to

In short, you have two options: Service Account or Individual Opt In

Lets review the differences between these two setups:

Service Account

The Service Account way requires your Email Administrator to set up a dedicated account for, and grant this account access to the mailboxes you want to have access to. (This is also called delegate access) This is done entirely in the background and doesn’t require your Reps to do anything. Since there is a single entry point it is also more robust.

Individual Opt In

The alternative to a Service Account is a Opt In model. This requires each rep to create a Profile in and “login via Microsoft” or “login via Google” so that we can access their Mailbox. You determine which reps you want to enable and will automatically send invite emails to those Reps. The individual Opt In process looks like this:

Individual Opt In

Which path you choose is entirely up to you. We generally recommend Service Accounts to our customers, but you should speak with your Customer Success Manager for recommendations for your specific setup. See a list of tradeoffs below:

Service Account– Single Point of Entry
– Doesn’t Require any User Participation
– Requires IT/Email Administrator
Individual Opt In– Transparency with Reps on OptIn
– Email Admin Not Needed
– Requires Each Rep to Accept Invitation.
– Individual Accounts can be disconnected by User and thus you have more potential failure points.

Read the Getting Started Guide for more specific information about each integration and platform. You will find this in the Setup section of the Platform.

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