3rd Party Contact Enrichment

Jennifer Preston


on April 6, 2020

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Revenue Intelligence all thrives on CLEAN data.

Without GOOD and CLEAN data, all the fancy reports and insights are garbage. As we know CRM data is not always the cleanest, Opportunity and Deal data is usually ok since you need to understand the state and size of your deals, but Account and Contact “meta data” such as Location, Revenue Size, # of Employees, and up to date Contact information such as Title, Phone, Mobile Numbers, Addresses, etc… aren’t great.

SalesDirector.ai does it’s best to clean up the data it has but to drive more actionable insights such as knowing when a VP level or higher title is involved in a deal or NOT involved sometimes requires additional data.

For new Contacts discovered, SalesDirector.ai already does meta data extraction from Email/Calendar, including Signature Capture to extract fields such as office phone, mobile phone, title and more.

Signature Capture to Salesforce

But what happens when there is no reply coming back from the customer or they are just on a calendar invitation?   Where does the additional data come from?

The real value of data is when you COMBINE different data sets together, that’s where the magic really happens.

So, today we announce integration with 3 major data providers: Salesintel.io, Full Contact, and Clearbit.

Sales intel



SalesDirector.ai is NOT a reseller of this data.  You need to establish a relationship with one of these data providers, and we will use your account’s API Keys / Token to consume data credits.

OR if you have a relationship with any other data provider, please let us know, and assuming they have a modern API we will do the integration. SalesDirector.ai will then writeback this data back to your CRM which means you will have a cleaner house and system of record!

As usual, all this is done ALL without any user interface.  Contact Enrichment happens in the background leaving you with better and cleaner data.    This also includes updating existing Contacts, not just new Contacts.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager or schedule a demo if you want to learn more.

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