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Listen to Call Recordings in the Activity Log

by Arnulf Hsu on June 5, 2019

If you are using call recording software such as Gong,, or other Call Recording software you can now listen to these calls right in the context of

This should be live and working in your instance now. What do you think? Love to hear your feedback at

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What is My Forecast Accuracy?

by Arnulf Hsu on May 22, 2019

Want to understand how good you are at predicting your Forecast? No better way than to look at previous Month or Quarter. Where did the deals tell you were going to land mid Quarter? tracks on a daily basis the state of Deals, their Stages and where the "AI"/system believes those deals are. We plot these over time. There is a very simple report that gives you this information. Let's break it down:

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Campaign Insights

by Arnulf Hsu on May 7, 2019

If you are a Marketer there is nothing more frustrating than to not know what is going on with your Leads. The company spent $20k to go to a trade show and came back with 250 leads. That's $80/lead. You load that into a Campaign in your CRM, perhaps send some automated email follow ups via Hubspot or Marketo, but what really is going to move the needle is Sales Reps doing follow ups, emails, calls, etc... Since

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Understand the Opportunity Journey

by Arnulf Hsu on January 31, 2019

It's important to understand the timeline and touchpoints an Opportunity goes through from all aspects. As a learning organization, you can observe if one could have accelerated the deal, who became involved when, and where things went well or reversed direction for deals that didn't close. Do you know the journey your Opportunities go through? Now you can, with the new Opportunity Timeline view within See all the Opportunity interactions for all Sales & Marketing activities,

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Marketing Attribution – The Missing Link

by Arnulf Hsu on January 22, 2019

In this world where everything is tracked, and privacy is becoming harder and harder to come by, one of the most difficult things to do is end-to-end Marketing attribution. How can you determine if that Banner Ad you ran on LinkedIn or Facebook influenced someone to look at your product or service? Hard to say for sure, but we yearn for this information to not just pat ourselves on the back, but also to do more

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Multi Quota or Multiple Incentives

by Arnulf Hsu on January 11, 2019

Sales is a performance sport. Quotas and performance goals are constant. Simple goals are always better than more complex ones. However, we don't always live in a simple world. In those situations where you need to assign multiple quotas to your sales organization, can now support you. Let's take some concrete examples:

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Deal Update

by Arnulf Hsu on December 4, 2018

As a Sales Leader you are constantly trying to understand what the status of deals are, are they on track or not, and what can be done to move them up or out. provides many tools around this including the Chat Assistant for Reps via SMS or Slack as well as Opportunity Management within the system itself. But, what about when you need to get an update on a deal that is stalled? You notice the Account Executive hasn't

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Understand your Competition

by Arnulf Hsu on October 31, 2018

High performing organizations understand their strengths and weaknesses. Do you know how you stack up to your competition? Does your sales organization have the skills and collateral to win against your competitors? Do you know why you are winning or losing deals? Now you can easily understand and drill into deals where your Competitors are also playing. With's competitor reports, you can quickly understand your Win/Loss stats by competitor, and proactively pursue existing deals in your pipe with

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Leads vs Contacts

by Arnulf Hsu on September 8, 2018

As you probably know, automatically creates new Contacts for you in your CRM when we encounter new people within your mailboxes. And as you probably also know Leads and Contacts in your CRM are different. Both of them represent a Person, but they are actually different databases that aren't linked together unless you "Convert" a Lead to a Contact. So, what happens when you already have a "Lead" in CRM with that email address, but it does not exist as a

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Reinforced Sales Coaching

by Arnulf Hsu on September 4, 2018

So you train your reps on MEDDIC, Challenger, Sandler, BANT, etc... that's great. We take them out of the field for a day or two, take them to an offsite, or do virtual sessions. That's very good.

But what happens? After 30 days, unfortunately, we all fall back to our old habits, and most likely only a small fraction of that training is retained and reused.

As you know, is a conversational sales coach to your sellers

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Be in the Know

by Arnulf Hsu on August 21, 2018

Are you always asking your Reps about what is going on with some deal? Who did you talk to? What are the next steps? As of this week we are instantly pushing Next Step updates directly to others on the Pursuit Team, Followers of the Opp (Your Favorites via the Star Mechanism) and their Immediate managers (via Role Hierarchy). You will get something like this in your Email Inbox: Further, you can globally configure which types of Opportunities you

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The Daily Brief

by Arnulf Hsu on August 9, 2018 will send you Reminders every morning via your Daily Brief. Such as:

etc.... Look out for your Daily Brief in your Inbox. What do you think? Have feedback? Let us know at feedback Happy

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Who’s Using?

by Arnulf Hsu on August 7, 2018

While does a TON of work in the background (Creating and Enhancing Contacts into CRM, Logging Activities into CRM, Sending Push Notifications over Email/SMS, etc...) we still want our Account Executives, Salesreps and Sales Managers using the Product. Doesnt matter if its via SMS, Slack, Salesforce, Dynamics, their Mobile Phone, or within the stand alone SaaS Application. Well, now you can. As a Administrator of you can navigate to Setup -> Usage Reports and:

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How long does it take You or Your Prospect to Reply to a Mail?

by Arnulf Hsu on June 11, 2018

In this hyper-competitive world where everyone is looking for instant gratification, being prompt in your email replies is important, ESPECIALLY when you are the vendor and are trying to ultimately sell something. Your customer's response time also is a good indication of how important this certain initiative is for them. While I wouldn't KPI on this, it's another data point that should help in understanding how you compare amongst your top performers. Is there a correlation between

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Company Insights

by Arnulf Hsu on June 4, 2018

As an Account Executive you are always trying to make yourself relevant to your Prospects. has added a Company News section to the Account and Opportunity Screens to help you stay aware of what is going on with your Prospects and Customers. To access this information simply navigate to your Account or Opportunity and click on the News Tab. That's It! There is obviously a lot more we can do with this information and we will. Would love

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