Leads vs Contacts

Arnulf Hsu


on September 8, 2018

As you probably know, SalesDirector.ai automatically creates new Contacts for you in your CRM when we encounter new people within your mailboxes.

And as you probably also know Leads and Contacts in your CRM are different. Both of them represent a Person, but they are actually different databases that aren’t linked together unless you “Convert” a Lead to a Contact.

So, what happens when you already have a “Lead” in CRM with that email address, but it does not exist as a Contact? Well, the answer before was that SalesDirector.ai will create them as a Contact anyways.

As of today this changes. Here is the new full behavior:

  • If a Lead exists in your CRM, and a Contact does not, we will automatically associate activities to that lead (instead of creating a new Contact).
  • If a Contact exists in your CRM, we will use that Contact and associate activity to that Contact. (same behavior as before)
  • If neither a Lead or Contact exists in your CRM we will create that Contact for you. (same behavior as before)

Of course this is all subject to your CRM Syncback configuration.

To the extent Marketing is not involved with SalesDirector.ai, we also suggest you loop in Marketing to these conversations. Your Customer Success Rep is also more than happy to engage with you around this topic.

If you have any questions please reach us at support@salesdirector.ai.

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