Marketing Attribution – The Missing Link

Arnulf Hsu


on January 22, 2019

In this world where everything is tracked, and privacy is becoming harder and harder to come by, one of the most difficult things to do is end-to-end Marketing attribution. How can you determine if that Banner Ad you ran on LinkedIn or Facebook influenced someone to look at your product or service? Hard to say for sure, but we yearn for this information to not just pat ourselves on the back, but also to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

This is especially difficult in B2B Marketing. But it becomes IMPOSSIBLE when we as Marketers don’t understand WHO is involved in the Deal. Do we know all the people that Sales is engaged with? Is Sales entering all their contacts into your CRM so that you as a Marketer can triangulate if you have reached out to this person, either before or during the deal cycle?

As you know, is directly connected to your sales reps’ inboxes, meaning we are able to automatically identify new contacts and associate them before and throughout the deal cycle, and most importantly to the right deal.

This act alone enables us to do holistic Marketing Attribution and understand the influence Marketing has on deals.

Once we have all this raw data, we can run accurate reports that:

  • Provide the right insight into what is working and what isn’t, allowing Marketing to drive more Revenue using the right Channels.
  • Give you empirical evidence that what you are doing is moving the needle.
  • Make for easy to read Executive Dashboards and Board Reports.

Let’s look at some real examples. Let’s look at last Quarter’s Total Marketing Influence:

This shows that Marketing influenced 34% of all the revenue for that quarter.

Then we can click into the blue part of the pie chart to drill down:

We see clearly exactly which Channels influenced our Revenue. This report tells us that the Website has a big impact on revenue, with Events and Online Ads being 2nd and 3rd.

In Marketing Attribution land, there are many “Attribution Models”. We currently report on First Touch, Last Touch, and Multi Touch Attribution.

If you want to enable this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager today.

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