Reinforced Sales Coaching

Arnulf Hsu


on September 4, 2018

So you train your reps on MEDDIC, Challenger, Sandler, BANT, etc… that’s great. We take them out of the field for a day or two, take them to an offsite, or do virtual sessions. That’s very good.

But what happens? After 30 days, unfortunately, we all fall back to our old habits, and most likely only a small fraction of that training is retained and reused.

As you know, is a conversational sales coach to your sellers and helps in deal visibility.

Now we can further reinforce what it means when we say “What is the Pain?” or “What is the Decision Process?” with more specific colorful coaching help.

For Example look at the Slack conversation below.

Before the call with your Prospect, we will chat/text your Seller with “Don’t forget to figure out the Decision Criteria. Remember the Decision Criteria includes What decides a Go/No Go Decision? Find our what the Competition Initiatives are!”


“Don’t Forget to Figure out the Pain. Who benefits from the Pain? Who loses most if you fix the Pain? Can they quantify the Pain?”

This type of JUST IN TIME and IN CONTEXT coaching really REENFORCES what you are training your Sellers to do.

To utilize some of this coaching you can set up certain Custom Fields in your CRM and (you may already have this) and load in your Coaching tips so that the system knows what to send out.

That’s it. Need help or advice? Contact our customer success folks or email to feedback [at]

Happy Selling.

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