Introducing’s Revenue Intelligence API for Enterprise Sales Organizations

Isaac Garcia


on November 19, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that is launching its Revenue Intelligence API this week – the first of many steps (and the first of its kind) that position as the leader in the revenue data space.’s revenue data platform will empower businesses with unparalleled flexibility in the way their revenue organization leverages its sales data and interacts with its customers.

When we founded just under three years ago, we set out to bring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to sales organizations to enable sales insights and predictive analytics for both sales leaders and revenue operations.  Our goal was to bring AI infused sales insights to every enterprise sales organization on the planet.  We understand that enterprise selling, particularly in the software, SaaS and tech categories, is getting more and more complex with more and more tools being introduced to the sales stack.  But more tools isn’t the solution – instead – timely, relevant and smart engagement between your sellers and your customers is ultimately the objective when managing a pipeline of sales opportunities and a team forecast.  

But before you have an accurate forecast, and before you have a clean pipeline, you must have better revenue and sales activity data that you can rely on.  Unfortunately, that data is typically trapped across multiple data silos throughout your revenue organization.  Most of this data resides within Email, Meeting / Calendar / Call tools such as Office365, Microsoft Exchange or GSuite but it also exists in your CRM (Salesforce and Dynamics) as well as in sales engagement, product usage, customer support, ABM, marketing and renewal management tools.  We ingest all of this revenue data as raw material for our AI engine to analyze and deliver the insights you need – when you need them – however you choose.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the pre-release of SalesDirector’s Revenue Intelligence API.  Our Revenue Intelligence API provides the data platform that sales organizations need to better understand their revenue and sales activity data in a flexible easy-to-visualize-way that can be used by sales organizations of all sizes.  Overtime, our Revenue API will include quickstart templates, how-to guides and content to support a variety of BI Tools. captures and analyzes all of your revenue activities (across your entire revenue stack) and delivers it to your CRM or Business Intelligence (BI) tool of choice.  SalesDirector is NOT delivering just another tool for your sales organization to adopt – we are delivering a revenue data platform to power your entire revenue stack. 

Sales organizations that leverage the Revenue Intelligence API will be able to visualize sales insights and revenue analytics through virtually any platform – Salesforce, Salesforce Einstein, Microsoft Dynamics, PowerBI, Tableau, Domo, Google Data Studio, or even Amazon QuickSight.  

This new chapter will accelerate our vision of building the leading revenue data platform trusted by sales leaders and revenue operation teams globally. Click here for more details on how you can leverage the Revenue Intelligence API in your sales organization and schedule a time to speak with our team and learn how you can.

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