2017 Year in Review

Babar Batla


on December 28, 2017

As the SalesDirector.ai goes through its first holiday season, we are humbled and excited with all that we have achieved. The most exciting part of all was the number of companies, finance leaders, sales leaders and sales reps we helped improve their pipeline management and selling maturity.

To all our team members, partners and investors that have helped us move the B2B sales discipline forward, Thank You! We leave 2017 with the following under our belt and look forward to an even more amazing 2018.

Product Update
In total, we added over a 100 new features and enhancements this past year. SalesDirector.ai has grown from a simple pipeline management tool to a true sales forecasting and deal coaching platform.

SalesDirector.ai inline to Reps workflow: We launched 3 amazing add-ins in their respective app stores this year. Our Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce customers can now benefit from SalesDirector.ai capabilities within their existing workflow.

CFO’s Budget vs Sales Quotas: CFOs can now analyze their pipeline and forecast based on their budget numbers or the quotas set for the sales team.

Out-of-Box Integration: We added Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite CRM, Clearslide and Zendesk as out-of-box capabilities that allow our customers to get up and running in just few minutes.

Coaching in Inbox: Keeping true to our mission to simplify sales rep adoption, we now deliver daily or weekly coaching direct to the inbox of the Rep and the sales manager.

What we learned from our Customers
Selling Maturity: We started our journey last year and assumed every sales organization was ready to become a world class selling organization. Although we still believe in that, the pathway for each company is different and the speed in which companies grow varies in speed. In 2017, we introduced three levels of maturity that companies can adopt that will allow SalesDirector.ai to help hold their reps accountable.

Time to Value: Who knew 2 hours was too much effort in today’s SaaS market? While setup had always been quick and value realized within hours – it still wasn’t fast enough. Based on input from the market, we can now onboard a customer in literally 5 minutes via a self-service wizard.

Adoption of AI: In 2017 alone, we helped our customers get a handle of $2.9 Billion of pipeline by analyzing ~10 million customer signals. All this effort not only saved hundreds of hours per sales manager but also kept tens of millions worth of deals from getting pushed to a later quarter.

Ideal Persona: Based on our customer engagement, we observed that front line sales managers got the most value from SalesDirector.ai. There were many skeptical managers that felt they had a complete handle over their team’s pipeline but realized the value of having a neutral party (an AI system) identify and share deal risk with the Reps.

Business Update
We doubled our team in the last 12 months, are growing in every discipline and have started to invest in useful content for Sales Leaders and CFOs. We have been releasing blogs on a regular basis and expect to release our first eBook focused on helping Sales Leaders work with CFO and Board of Directors more efficiently soon.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2018 and expect to interact more with each of you in the coming year. We wish you a Safe and Happy New Year!

Best Regards,
The SalesDirector.ai Team

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