Sales Quotas vs “The Plan”

Arnulf Hsu


on December 4, 2017

Most companies have a Yearly Budget or “Plan”. CFO’s often refers to this as a Pro Forma, and basically represents both the Top Line (Booking or Revenue) number as well as the Expenses to get there.

Most Finance or Sales Executives will over Quota assuming the not all the Reps will hit their number. So if you need to hit $10M in bookings for this quarter, the sum of the Quotas assigned to the Reps might be 30-40% above that at $14M. This way if you have an average sales productivity of 70% you will hit “Plan”.

Currently, in you have been loading in Sales Quotas for Salesrep Targets. This is great for the rep and perhaps the Sales Leader or Sales Manager, but for CRO’s or CFO’s that are actually managing to a different Target they need to do some mental math to see how they are tracking.

Today we are launching a “CFO Plan” feature which will allow you to load in additional “Plan” Quotas for each Rep.

This is a Permission based feature meaning you will need to enable who can see this additional Target number at the User level. To do this go to Setup -> Users -> Edit the User and check the “CFO Plan Access” permission.

Then go to the Sales Targets Import area (Setup -> Import Data) and upload a new CSV file with both your Sales Quota and Plan. Here is an Example CSV File.

Once you do this by default you will see all your Forecasts with a CFO Plan Target and you can toggle to the normal Sales Quotas Target.

As always, if you have any feedback or have any questions, you can reach us at

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