Pick your Sales Maturity

Arnulf Hsu


on August 2, 2017

SalesDirector introduces 3 different levels of Sales Maturity the platform can run on.

Level 1
The basic level of sales engagement. It answers the questions such as:
Are my reps engaging with the prospects? How recent? How frequent?
How many people are we engaged with?
What is the Sentiment of these Relationships?
Is my relationship Balanced or is this a One way Conversation?
Is the deal following my “normal” deal cycle?

Level 2
Gets you everything you see in Level 1, but additionally introduces the different Personas within the Relationship plan that get mapped to your sales process. For example do you need to engage with a Economic Buyer or Technical Decision maker in Stage 2, etc…

Level 3
Gets you everything from Level 1 and 2, and introduces Verifiable Outcome based selling. It introduces semi structured milestone communication where you, the seller, calibrate where you are against where the buyer is in their journey or process.

We recommend you start with Level 1 and move up the ladder at your pace.

Contact one of our Customer Success associates for advice and guidance on how to introduce this into your sales organization.

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