Twenty Twenty Is In the Rearview Mirror Now

Isaac Garcia


on December 29, 2020

As we start to wrap up the final days of this historic year – we wanted to reflect on some of the product enhancements and milestones that might have gotten lost in the noise this past year. It certainly has been one of the most challenging years of our collective lives. While we all continue to adjust and adapt to the “new normal” there are new habits and adjustments that have impacted companies working-from-home and using SalesDirector.

While many sales teams in the enterprise were already distributed, the COVID-driven-shift for organizations to work-from-home has forced the entire revenue team to view the world differently. In addition to measuring revenue, sales leaders and sales operations are starting to analyze sales rep activity, email response time from customers, meeting and calendar data and email sentiment as well. By analyzing email / calendar activity along with CRM Opportunity data – predictive insights and analytics can be leveraged to transform sales organizations. This shift to measure and analyze activity and metrics can make profound impacts on a sales organization’s ability to scale.

Looking back at 2020 – we are proud to help deliver the insights sales teams need to scale and grow during these difficult times.

Revenue Intelligence API

Perhaps the most significant product releases this year supported our belief that the insights and analytics generated from your data should be accessible to visualize in any business intelligence or reporting tool of your choice. In November of this year we released our Revenue Intelligence API which enabled sales organizations to visualize their revenue data insights through a number of reporting and BI tools such as Tableau, Domo, Google Data Studio, Amazon QuickSight, Salesforce, Salesforce Einstein or Microsoft Dynamics. The revenue data is accessible from these applications directly through the Revenue Intelligence API.

Shortlisted Again!

Earlier in the year, right before COVID started sweeping the world, we were proud to be named on the Constellation ShortList for Sales Productivity Solutions for the 4th time. We have deep respect for the team at Constellation Research and wish them a strong 2021.

Even with COVID encircling the globe and sales organizations being disrupted – we managed to crank out a series of product updates throughout the year.

Drag and Drop Relationship Manager

An important element of managing sales opportunities is to carefully identify and categorize the relationships that your reps are communicating with through emails and calendar meetings. To help with this, we released an easy to use Drag and Drop Relationship Manager that intuitively helps Sales Reps associate personas with Contact Roles.

3rd Party Contact Data Enrichment

In addition to helping your reps manage their Contact Roles and Personas, we released the ability to enrich your contact data from 3rd party data providers like SalesIntel, FullContact and Clearbit. By connecting to your favorite Data Enrichment tools any contacts that are autocaptured by SalesDirector will automatically be enriched with data in the background – including the auto-updating of existing Contacts.

SAML 2.0 Compatible

Shortly after COVID went through its first spike in the Spring, we released our support of SAML 2.0 (Security Assertion Markup Language). This enabled our users to have a mechanism to authenticate users in with other Identity Providers such as Azure Active Director, Okta, Ping Identity, OneLogin, Avatier and other SAML compatible platforms. This adds an additional layer of security and streamlines user management for people that Work-From-Home as a result of COVID.

Lastly, towards the end of the year, our executive team grew with addition of Isaac Garcia who joined as CEO.

Every company around the world has had to endure through one of the most dynamic and challenging years in recent history. Our hope is that the enrichments we’ve added were a small help to you and your teams as you navigated through these difficult times.

Thank you for choosing – we are grateful for the opportunity to work with and serve each and every one of you. Like many of you, the entire team is glad to have 2020 in the rearview mirror now and look forward to the recovery and future growth coming in 2021.

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