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The Biggest Issue with Einstein Activity Capture

Jennifer Preston


on November 27, 2019

Einstein Activity Capture is a great step into bringing salesrep activity data (email and calendar events) into Salesforce. By default Einstein Activity Capture pulls in emails and calendar events and associates them with EXISTING Salesforce Contacts and Accounts.

Note, Einstein Activity Capture does NOT Capture NEW Contacts. Only associates Emails and Calendar Events to Existing Contact/Account Objects.

Per Salesforce:

Data that’s captured by Einstein Activity Capture is stored outside of Salesforce and, therefore, doesn’t affect your Salesforce data allocations. 

Salesforce Trailhead

So while thats good it doesnt impact your Storage Allocations, these are the downsides and impact of this:

  • This email/event data is not available by your standard reporting, API or User Interface. It also means downstream Business Intelligence systems cannot leverage it.
  • Users cannot delete emails themselves and must be done by a Salesforce Admin.
  • If you move away from Einstein Activity Capture all your data will not be stored or preserved in your CRM (your system of record)

So, SalesDirector.ai applauds Einstein Activity Capture for moving the ball forward on getting sales activity and engagement into CRM, while leaving room for Einstein partners to innovate further.

If you are looking for a more native Salesforce Solution that stores this data in Salesforce native Objects such as Contacts, Tasks and/or Events, ironically not from Salesforce, take a look at SalesDirector.ai’s AutoScribe or see a Demo Today.

Note: Native Salesforce Tasks and Events take up 2kb of Storage each, regardless of the length or size of the email. Thats not bad, and gives you native reporting and query ability. Which is most likely what you need. You can also auto purge after N period of time such as delete Emails after 12 months or similar.

Automated Activity Capture ensures your CRM is up to date and useful to the entire customer facing departments in your organization, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success.

For more information on Einstein Activity Capture please reference the graphic below and visit “5 Things To Know About Einstein Activity Capture with Salesforce

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