Salesforce Email Integration for Success

Jennifer Preston


on May 6, 2020

We all use email daily whether for business or personal use. And chances are you are using applications like Microsoft Outlook to manage all the incoming and outgoing emails. Applications like Outlook provide other perks like managing your notes, tasks, contacts, and calendar.

All these tools are powerful for salespeople. Knowing that your time is valuable and having the ability to communicate and schedule effectively is crucial to your sales success. Its pretty simple if you cannot manage the opportunities coming your way you are not going to be landing successful sales opportunities. Therefore, integrating your email with Salesforce is very important.

We know that the CRM helps you manage many opportunities by providing a central, shared hub of scheduling, communication, and information. The CRM allows you to maximize and use the tools you have to serve your customers better and to the best of your ability. Serving your customers in the best way possible leads to more sales and your success. It is always important that your product or service serves a need for your customers and that communication is always open. Building successful relationships is where it is at and having the best tools available keeps you on the right path.

Salesforce Email Connector – Reluctance

There are still those salespeople who are reluctant when it comes to adding data and integrating email in the CRM. The first is that many salespeople are not trained in all aspects of the business CRM. Not knowing the ins and outs can confuse. The better you know how to work within your CRM the better you can organize.

Other reasons why salespeople are hesitant to integrate their emails are:

Linking the email account to Salesforce is just too complicated and takes up my time.

This is not the case at all when using the proper tools. When it comes to Salesforce email sync, we offer AutoScribe which is simple and does the work for you. AutoScribe is automated and will capture all interactions between buyers and sellers without having to have the reps tag emails. All the data entry is completed for the rep including logging meetings and emails, automatic contact creation, and contact opportunity association in Salesforce.

Salespeople are afraid their bosses and management are spying on them and their work.

One of the biggest goals when using a CRM is to increase sales visibility. And yes, you choose what you want to share with the CRM. If an email is not relevant it will not be added to the CRM. If your bosses or management even thought about an invasion of privacy it would be extremely hard to pull off. If this is the case, then the problems are much larger than the business CRM being used.

The Benefits of Salesforce Email Integration

  1. No more having to double-enter data. Got a new prospect contacting you through email? No problem, AutoScribe will create the new contact.
  2. No more lost emails. Have you ever received an email from a client or new prospect and then not be able to find it when you went to provide a follow-up? The time lost searching for the lost email is valuable and it is not the way you want to spend your time. AutoScribe will automatically put the email in the category it belongs to.

Salesforce Email Integration with Outlook

With tools to help you become and remain successful at your fingertips, it sets you up for success. AutoScribe works with GSuite and Office 365/Exchange.

Being a successful salesperson takes work and dedication. Having tools to use to make your job easier is something that all salespeople should have at their fingertips.

What About Salesforce Inbox and Lightning Sync?

As of Winter 2021, Lightning Sync will not be available in Lightning for new Salesforce customers. Einstein Activity Capture is Salesforce’s long term solution for syncing contacts and events between Microsoft and Google applications with Salesforce. If you are still on an older version of Salesforce and are using Salesforce Inbox keep in mind that your users are still manually linking emails to records in Salesforce.

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