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Jennifer Preston


on April 17, 2020

Modern sales teams are already overwhelmed.  The new reality of sales teams working from home because of the COVID19 quarantines in most part of the world are making the lives of sales professionals more difficult than ever.  At the office (the work office), inside sales teams had direct access to all of the tools they needed to be successful:  laptop, desk phone, reliable high speed internet, all of the software they needed and technical support to get it done. 

Today, sales teams are having to figure this out for themselves at home.  Most outbound calls are being made on cell phones, work is being done on home laptops over residential internet access that is shared with multiple people who are also now at home (spouses, children doing distance e-learning and extended family members). 

To help navigate these changing behaviours sales leaders need better tools to gain insights and analytics into how their sales people working.  Tools that provide you with insights into how your sales people are performing and working will put you ahead of your competition. 

Insights – The Definition

Data insights provide the ability to help you and your team better understand how your existing is selling as well as understanding what makes your customers businesses tick.  Analyzing the behaviours of your customer and how they interact with your product can also give you insights into the best times and methods to grow their business.  A simple tool would enable your reps to research customer’s website traffic as a metric to how their business is doing.  Knowing this information allows you to approach them with recommendations and offer your product or service at the right time.

How to Locate Insights

Tools that help you build an accurate customer profile are particularly valuable.  Understanding the needs of your customers will demonstrate that you care about their business and dedicated to their success.  For example sales teams do not like data entry and resist updating the CRM. With the right tools this is solvable.  CRM data entry can be automated and resolved with automation as well as artificial intelligence. The use of AI allows for the repetitive tasks to be eliminated which frees up the sales reps time to focus on closing sales instead of updating CRM.

AutoScribe – Automated Data Entry

Autoscribe by SalesDirector is the answer when it comes to leaving the data entry to artificial intelligence. Automated data entry is the key component here.  AutoScribe allows your sales team to be able to do what they are best at and that is making and closing the sales.

Autoscribe automatically creates contacts, logs emails, calendar events, and works with Office 365/Exchange and GSuite. There is no plug-in required so it is easy to implement. With Autoscribe in place your sales reps will never have to remember to tag emails or load data into the system.

Keeping the CRM up to date is essential so that there is no important information missing or overlooked. Having the ability to know exactly what your sales reps are working on is simple when its all at your fingertips.

SalesDirectors  Autoscribe helps to view important analytics and insights so that you are able to meet customers needs. Having the ability to have 90% of the data entry completed without manual entry allows your business to function more efficiently.

Sales analytics and sales insights are valuable tools that empower your sales teams. The better you know your customer and their needs the better the sales reps can articulate and position your solution. Sales people that know their customers can boost sales and profits along with building long-term relationships with the help of sales analytics and insights.   

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