Release Notes for August 8th, 2017

Arnulf Hsu


on August 8, 2017

Another solid week behind us. Below is a snapshot of the latest product improvements.

Cycle Time Report Improvements

  • Want to see the underlying data for the Cycle Time Report? You can now download the Raw Data by clicking on the Download button to receive a CSV export.
  • Additional filters have been added to allow you to drill down such as Opportunity Type, Date Range, etc…
  • Also Deal Count numbers have been added so you can tell if a grouping of deals is statistically significant to you. For example if you only have a few deals or less this may not be enough data for you to make decisions from.

Linkedin Contact Chrome Ext Release (v0.98)

  • Tries to Auto Select the right Opportunity based on the Company Name of the Contact. Less clicking for you.
  • Pulls in Phone/Mobile Phone from Linkedin into the Contact Record when available
  • Fixes a Photo URL issue for some contacts on Sales Navigator

More Deal Insights Added
We have added some more deal insights around contact and persona engagement (especially for Level 1 and 2 Sales Maturity users).

Custom Field Support
Have additional fields that are critical to how you slice your data? Data fields such as Geography, Product Category, Opportunity Subtypes, etc… You can now bring in those fields from your CRM.

Currently each of these fields will appear in the Reports area for filter purposes. Note: We consider best practice to bring in 1 or 2 additional fields if necessary. Less is more in this case.

To use custom fields go to your Setup -> Custom Fields -> and create your custom field. Several data type options exist.

Once you have created this custom field, go to your CRM integration and you will need to map this new custom field to your CRM data field. Contact Support if you need more guidance in this area.

As always, if you have any trouble or want to give us some product feedback, you can reach us at

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