Resource Library

The Path to Frictionless Sales Forecasting

In this ebook, a former Microsoft sales leader shares his secrets to frictionless and accurate forecasting.

Demystifying the AI Blackbox

To many, AI seems like a blackbox – elusive, mysterious, complex and unknown. We’re here to break it down for you.

The Ultimate Sales Planning Toolkit

Set up a system to manage in the future, rather than being stuck in the now.

Mapping the Buyer’s Decision Process

Help your reps track each step of the buyer’s journey with this template.

11-Step Checklist for Better Deal Reviews

Use this checklist to conduct more productive 1:1 meetings with reps.

Opportunity Risk Assessment Calculator

Two calculators to help you quickly rate each deal a rep is running.

Modern Relationship Management Techniques

Learn how top sales teams improve win rates and get more out of each lead with modern relationship management strategies.