The Path to Frictionless Forecasting


Your sales pipeline is the lifeblood of your organization. Sales forecasts indicate the health of the business, the performance of the sales team, the state of the market and even the quality of your product.

But if the Sales Forecast is such an important metric to understand and measure in your business, why do businesses tolerate unreliable and inaccurate forecasts?

In this ebook, a former Microsoft sales leader shares his secrets to frictionless and accurate forecasting. You will learn:

  • Common business challenges with forecasting
  • How inaccurate forecasting impacts the sales organization
  • Fundamentals of good forecasting techniques
  • How to improve forecasting accuracy with AI

Note from the author:

I wrote this guide as a reflection of my last 16 years at Google and Microsoft, being part of a big forecasting machine.  We didn’t have it perfect, but we got there (with a lot of resources focused on making it work).  This guide outlines what I believe are some fundamental things that both big and small companies can do to accomplish huge company results, without all that friction and labor investment.  Hope this helps in your journey to get to predictable forecasting.

Babar Batla

Sales Leader, Microsoft, Google,

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