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Reducing Data Entry for your Sales Reps

Jennifer Preston


on April 9, 2020

Automation has entered every aspect of our businesses and sales processes. In addition to the basic tools that include CRM, Marketing Automation, Outbound Automation and Call Recording Platforms – sales automation and artificial intelligence are now foundational tools for sales teams. The question is how do you use these tools to attract the right sales leads and increase sales team productivity?

Acquiring insights into prospective sales opportunities means that there is a thorough understanding of the sales activities that have taken place with the account. But, requiring a sales rep who is paid top dollar as a professional to log every email, meeting, and contact is a huge waste of resources and time.

There are activity capture solutions that are available on the market that aid with this challenge, and often many on the team are in various stages of trying, evaluating, and implementing them. However, there are many ways to approach the challenges and each has disadvantages and advantages. Your business requirements will guide you in the best process and practices.

Automatic or Manual CRM Data Entry

One of the first things that will need to be decided for your business is whether you want the information needed to update the CRM to be manually added or automatic. Manually logging all activity into the CRM allows for more control with the specifics to a certain degree. It is important to keep in mind that every activity or “click” is needed for everything that is required to add the data. The problem with this method is that it can consume large chunks of time and gets tiresome. Daily communication around existing customers and sales opportunities require dedication and vigilance.

CRM data entry automation is based on artificial intelligence rules and once it’s set up the application will log all the meetings, emails, and contacts. The problem that arises is the important information is often overlooked or forgotten by the individuals using the manual activity logging.

User Management and Adoption

A question related to the use of CRM is what plans are being considered to handle user adoption and management. When using the manual method of activity logging many details can be overlooked or forgotten. Forgotten activity logging causes leads and sales to be lost which causes glitches in the sales funnel.

Continuous management of activity logging also needs to be considered. Having the manual logging application installed is the first thing to be done. Next, is getting your team members into the habit of using the system. The problem that arises with many businesses is that the teams outside of the sales department are reluctant to use the system. Sales teams may be more structured and disciplined but if all teams are not onboard data (and sales) will be lost.

Choosing the Activity Logging Solution for your Business

Deciding to incorporate an activity logging solution to save money and time is what many successful businesses do. Keeping the CRM up to date is much easier and there is less data that is lost. Sales reps are happy not having to remember to log every piece of information and can dedicate their time to making the actual sales. Interactions with the sales team and customers are automatically logged.

Salesforce’s Autoscribe is one such tool. And, because there are no plug-ins required there are no hassles with getting it up and running. Activity capture allows communication data such as contacts, calendar events, and email to be automatically added to the CRM. Autoscribe does virtually everything without the data having to be manually entered by team members.

Artificial intelligence in sales can and will help your team to not only be more productive but to help to keep data slipping through the pipeline.

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