How is your Customer’s Pipeline Changing in These Uncertain Times?

Jennifer Preston


on March 24, 2020

As business leaders and sales managers know – business is always changing. There are always new things to adapt to. But, many of us were not ready to deal with a global pandemic and the associated changes and impact. All around the globe business offices are closing and entire workforces are working from home. What can we adjust during these changing times?

Find Ways to Support and Power your Team

Like with all changes, it is important to realize that there will be an adjustment period that we will all need to get used to.  Relocating to home offices is something that requires planning and a systematic approach. Confident leadership is extremely important during times of change and your team will look to you for guidance. Working online together as a team will require new ways to communicate and keep everyone on the same page. When times get tough, your team will either thrive or crumble. Helping your team thrive means that there needs to be a solid plan in place and that the plan is followed through by everyone – including you!

Communication is Vital

Having everyone on the same page is vital. With team members working from home virtual meetings that everyone participates in will become normal. Working remotely, your business can continue to serve the needs of clients and sales can still take place. Communication with everyone in your organization will save confusion, mixed signals and money.

How Customer Pipeline is Changing

Working remotely can teach new strategies to your team and many team members will thrive working from a home office. Granted, the home office may not be the same as the “real” office. The home office can be the kitchen table in many cases. It is important to keep in mind that the first few days will be a transitional period for many. Once everyone settles into the new routine things will run more efficiently and smoothly.

Give Your Sales Reps the Tools to be Successful

Your sales reps will be working remotely and will not be visiting customers in person because of the orders to stay home. This means reps will spend more time making phone calls to follow up on leads and check in with existing customers and clients. Providing the right tools will not only make things easier for everyone but will also help to increase profits.

Sales reps who are normally out in the field spend hours and hours chasing leads and finalizing sales. These are also the same reps that now must acclimate to different work strategies. Not only is it important to provide the tools they will need to be successful, but they also need to understand and use these new tools.

Keeping the CRM Up to Date

Many changes will be taking place and your team will be adjusting. There will be some bumps along the way, and this is to be expected. The best thing a manager can do is to try to focus on issues that may pop up because of the changes.

Making sure that all the data on your business CRM is kept up to date can be a challenge when things are running as they normally would. Add in a big disruption such as all team members working remotely, and data can be lost quickly. Getting a handle on how data is input into the CRM is vital so that sales and leads are not lost.

Salesforce is considered the #1 CRM and used by many businesses. If your business is one of the ones that use Salesforce, then you understand just how important it is to businesses and the sales funnel. Help your team by making things even easier with the addition of’s Autoscribe Product.’s Autoscribe for Automatated Contact and Activity Capture

Autoscribe is a Background Service that does not require an interface. Autoscribe works seamlessly with Office 365 or Exchange, and Gmail. It will scan mailboxes for any activity and then create new contacts, logs outgoing and incoming emails to the correct accounts, updates existing contacts, and opportunities that may have otherwise been overlooked. Autoscribe does not require a client-side plugin so there are not the typical host of issues when it comes to plugins.

Autoscribe allows for 100% automated contact and activity capture without adding more stress to the team members that may already be a bit frazzled. Implementing Salesforce automated activity tracker by Autoscriibe will make things easier and allow managers to be able to follow what is going on and not have to keep reaching out for the specifics. Autoscribe works to keep everyone on the same page so that there are no leads or sales lost in the pipeline.

Crises management in business is not easy to deal with and will take planning and reworking of strategies by everyone. Teamwork is essential and though the times are changing it certainly doesn’t mean that we cannot be successful. Having the right tools and approach as changes happen will keep us all ahead of the game while we continue to support our customers and team members.

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