Webinar: 5 Reasons Your CRM Strategy is Failing and What to Do About It

Jennifer Preston


on October 16, 2019

Date : November 07, 2019
Time : 01:00 pm – 01:30 pm EDT

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on technology to help your business run, track reporting and make your sales reps’ days easier. Yet, after all these years the MarTech stack strategy and cloud-tool adoption are still relevant (and possibly extremely annoying if broken) topics. So how can you tell what’s broken in your CRM strategy and what can you do about?

Jason Hubbard, VP of Growth at SalesIntel and Babar Batla, founder and CEO of SalesDirector.ai, will be diving into this in our upcoming webinar Nov 7th. Join us and learn what easy wins you can implement to start making your CRM strategy work.


Where is the breakdown in your strategy

Sales reps, are they lazy or just not incentivized?

How to get Information into the CRM without data entry

Garbage in, garbage out

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here:

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