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Make SalesDirector.ai a Trusted App in your GSuite

Jennifer Preston


on September 12, 2019

The safest way to give your GSuite users access to 3rd Party Applications such as SalesDirector.ai is to whitelist them within your GSuite Admin Panel.

To do so login to GSuite as a Super Administrator.

  • Click the PLUS button to Add a Trusted App
  • Select Web Application
  • For OAuth2 Client ID enter:198292751372-d49janr0frs9gsq6eg2euek4klg1nke3.apps.googleusercontent.com (This is the SalesDirector.ai App Google Client ID)
  • Click Add

This will ensure that SalesDirector.ai will now be a trusted application that your Salesreps can opt into.

Note: This does NOT give SalesDirector.ai Access to any data, rather it just makes it so that when your Users connect to SalesDirector.ai (via optin) there are no additional steps or verifications required to connect.

This process is NOT required if you have your GSuite connected to SalesDirector.ai via a Service Account.

If you have any questions or problems please reach out to support@salesdirector.ai .

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