Are you Maximizing your Account Territory?

Jennifer Preston


on July 31, 2019

Case Study

We are a Fast Growing Cloud Company which has a ton of “Self Service” customers who need to educated and upgraded to “Enterprise”. We all know its easier to sell to existing customers who already know you than to a net new logo where you need find the right stakeholders, figure out if they have the pain that you can solve, and ultimately build credibility so you can sell to them.

You setup territory plans, and assign Accounts to Reps. The challenge here is how many Accounts can a Rep manage or work? If you give them too many you are leaving money on the table, if you give them too few the Reps wont be as productive as they would be.

The key to understanding productivity is to understand who is being worked and what isn’t and why. The key to this is understanding Rep Activity. Email, Calendar, Phone, etc… Traditionally logging this information into CRM was the job of the Rep, but has always had low adoption. Why? Well, its the old adage of “what’s in it for me”.

Automation to the rescue., the Revenue Intelligence Platform, automatically connects to Email, Calendar, Calls, and other systems to automatically capture this Activity, it will figure out New Contacts, associate them to the right Accounts/Opportunities within your CRM and then log the Activity to back to your CRM.

This then enables us to figure out which Accounts are being worked and which aren’t. Are we making an effort to connect with our Named Accounts? and just not getting a response? Which Accounts are responding and engaging? Which Accounts are not even being worked?

When an Account is not being worked, this is an opportunity to assign these Accounts to other Reps who are underutilized, OR it makes a good case for additional hires. And if you have a good model and track record, dropping in another Rep usually bring in incremental revenue.

Lets take a look at this Account Scorecard:

Cordell owns 43 Named Accounts, 22 of those are “Active” meaning they have Active Opportunities against them, 15 Accounts are Unengaged, meaning we are trying to reach out but they are not responding to us, and 12 of them are not being worked at all.

This 12 is your opportunity to move them to another Rep, perhaps Ram Middis, as he only has 4 Named Accounts.

When you do this at a Territory level or further you can really get some major mileage. Having connect to your Activity Data and couple it with your CRM data can produce these highly insightful actionable strategic moves.

What would it mean for you to increase your output by 20%?

If this is of interest please contact us to see a demo.

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