AI for Sales – 2019 Sales Mastery Report

Babar Batla


on July 10, 2019

Jim Dickie is known to many. He is a founder of CSO Insights (now part of Miller Heiman Group) and runs Sales Mastery Group. Jim is the author of The Chief Sales Officer’s Guide to CRM and Insights into High Tech Sales and Marketing, and he co-authored The Sales and Marketing Excellence Challenge and The Information Technology Challenge. Suffice it to say Jim knows a thing or two about Sales, Sales Strategy, Methodologies, and also how to apply technology to Sales.

The latest 2019 AI for Sales Research Report is available now from Sales Mastery. It paints a solid view of the current Sales Landscape around how AI is affecting and penetrating this industry.

Before we evaluate some of the output, let’s first talk about the role of AI in our daily lives.  AI is the next generation of automation. Lets take a look at some examples:

  • AI for Transportation: Tesla’s Autopilot
  • AI for Home: Alexa or Google Home
  • AI for Email: Google’s Smart Compose in Gmail

AI is permeating everything you do and touch.

So as we turn our eye towards AI for Sales, let’s look at a few of the report’s highlights:

  • 75% of Sales Organizations are planning, evaluating or have implemented some version of AI into their Sales Process.
  • Lead Gen, Forecast Management, and Sales Analytics is at the top of the “to implement list”
  • Once AI is implemented adoption rates are quite high, more than 50% have adoption rates of > 76%.
  • AI has significant impact on Sales Person’s performance
  • AI is increasing revenues per Sales Person.
  • Sales Orgs who do not use AI will be at a significant competitive disadvantage

These are meaningful takeaways. If you haven’t yet implemented an AI layer for your Sales Org, like all things, understand your needs, understand the health of your data (AI generally needs decent Data to work for you), understand your IT/Security requirements, and make sure you work with the right vendors.

There is a good list of vendors included in this report. is honored to be included in this list spearheading the revenue operations space with AI.

To get a copy of the report, request one directly from Sales Mastery.

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