Channel Sales and Sales Partners

Arnulf Hsu


on June 1, 2018

As you undoubtedly know, relies heavily on Email and Calendar activity to determine what is going on with a Deal. The system is pretty good at correlating the right email/cal traffic to the right Deal. This is great for Direct Sales where you (the Account Executive) is in direct contact with the end buyer/user, but in the Channel Sales or Sales Partner scenario, where you are selling your product or service through a Partner, Integrator, Agent or otherwise the system is not as great.

Today we have released a Sales Partner solution. Here is how it works:

1) automatically identifies a set of Channel Partner or Sales Partner Accounts.

2) You browse (Click on the Accounts link in the Navigation bar and filter on Partner Only) and confirm these Accounts are in fact a Sales Partner.

Account sales partners

3) All communication between you (the Account Exec) and the Sales Partner is evaluated to understand which Deal or Account you are talking about. This is generally based on Fuzzy matches against Account Names. It is best practice to reference the End User Account name in the subject of your email or calendar invite with your Sales Partner. This will ensure the right communications get to the right Deal.

If the system does pick up communication between you and the Sales Partner around a Deal, will add that Sales Partner to the Relationship Plan and indicate this person as a Sales Partner using the Handshake Icon.

Relplan sales partners

That’s It.

What do you think? Have other ideas or suggestions, email us at

Happy Channel Selling!

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