GDPR for Sales

Arnulf Hsu


on April 16, 2018

May 25th is fast approaching, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline. If you are located OR do business with European Customers this legislation applies to you. We want to make complying with this regulation easier for you.

In short GDPR seeks openness, honesty and transparency from how you interact, collect and store data on your prospects and customers. It gives rights to your prospects and customers to understand what you have collected on them, how this information is shared/accessed and allows them to request that data also to be removed.

As you know, connects to a variety of your enterprise systems to do its sales analysis and risk assessments. It connects with CRM systems (Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Netsuite, etc…) Email Systems (Gmail, Office 365/Exchange, etc…), Help Desk Systems, Marketing Automation Systems, and others… As an enterprise, it is challenging to understand where all your data is, how to wire all these systems together and get a handle on your data management. We have made it easy for you to identify data stored and collected from your contacts across these systems and export them into a CSV format.

This is a SINGLE Place to understand where your customer data lives, provides for data portability and allows you to quickly comply with the data rights requests of your customers!

To access this feature go to Setup -> Data Exports -> and enter the email address of the Contact that has requested their information.

We hope this makes your GDPR compliance a bit easier and also helps in identifying where your data is kept across disparate systems.

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