ClearSlide Integration

Arnulf Hsu


on March 13, 2018

ClearSlide is a SaaS-based Sales Engagement platform that lets users share content and sales materials via email links or do real time presentations to their prospects. Unlike simple tracking tools, it tracks deep engagement metrics such as how long a user spend looking at a certain slide, were they paying attention when you did a live screen share or presentation to them, etc…

If you are a ClearSlide customer you can now connect your ClearSlide account to and we will automatically pull in all those engagement metrics and use them as part of our analysis.

Imagine you send an email with a Proposal to your Buyer, she doesn’t open it, but forwards it to a couple of his staff and they end up spending a good amount of time with the proposal. Or she does open it but spends all her time on the Pricing page or your Privacy page. Or perhaps she doesnt open it at all.

All these are insanely valuable insights that give you an indication about the likelihood of closure or what the issues might be. can now take all these into consideration and bubble up the risk deals using this additional data.

To enable ClearSlide go to Setup -> ClearSlide -> and do a Single Sign On to your ClearSlide account. Thats it.

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