Multi Currency Support

Arnulf Hsu


on March 6, 2018

The world is global. now supports Multiple Currencies.

How it works:

  • By default, your Instance is set to a Base Currency.
  • Each Opportunity also has a Base Currency, the default Opportunity Currency is your Instance Base Currency.
  • Each User also has a Preferred Currency.

This works nicely with Salesforce or other CRM’s where multi-currency features are enabled.

If an Opportunity is in a certain currency (let’s say EURO), the Opportunity will be displayed in that Currency and you will see a secondary currency next to it which will reflect your User Preference Currency (to the extent it is different than the one used for the Opportunity).

To change your Base Currency go to Setup -> General -> Update your Base Instance Currency. Note: You will need to perform a full resync with your CRM when you change your Base Currency.

To change your User Preferred Currency simply navigate to your Profile and update your Preferred Currency Setting. If you are an admin and want to do this for certain individuals you can go to Setup -> Users and edit their User profile and set their Preferred Currency.

Conversion Rates are re-calculated nightly based on the standard foreign exchange reference rates.

Have other suggestions or ways we can improve? Let us know.

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