Reports 2.0

Arnulf Hsu


on February 21, 2018

Most likely Salesforce or Dynamics is your CRM system of record, and its good at that, but quite frankly generating meaningful reports from CRM is painful. And if you try to do “historical” reporting, iow how things changed over time, it is even less likely to give you the answers you are looking for.

This is why we have introduced a variety of reports that give you true insight into how your pipeline, win rates, push rates, and cycle times are performing pivoted across a variety of data points.

Want to understand your Win Rates by Rep? By Opportunity Type? Or Lead Source?

Or how about your typical Sales Cycle Time by Rep? or Deal Size?

Or how often your Lost deals are getting pushed out before the Rep will finally mark is as Lost?

The best reps know when to fish and when to cut bait. Are some of your underperforming Reps spending time on deals we know they are going to win?

There are many more reports like this in our Reporting Module, take a look and see what kind of insights they are providing to your business.

Looking for additional reports or insights? Let us know.

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