Tiger is playing at Torrey Pines!

Virinchi Duvvuri


on January 30, 2018

“So I walked this very pro-am last year, in similarly chilly conditions, and he was so stiff I legit thought he was gonna snap in half. This year? Speed. So. Much. Speed.” – @GCTigerTracker

This is a perfect example of coming back from major surgery (AKA: bad year in sales) with no data to support a comeback, but using sheer determination and hard work to get the “feel” back into his game.

The competition didn’t want this. They all thought he was done. They all adapted and worked on their “feel” for the game and stopped focusing on the “SCIENCE”. They were all CRUSHING it!

Tiger made this same change and started focusing on the “ART” and less on the “SCIENCE” of the game. Tiger adapted and is now a threat to his competition!

This is what we want our sales reps to do…bounce back.

This is what we preach to them during our sales meetings…but they don’t listen.

Then we ask the question, “What is going on?”. And then we get the answer we all hate to hear…”You have been giving my coaching to bounce back. You have supported me in my slow ramp. You have joined my calls. The problem is the data you are asking me to add into CRM so that you can “track” my progress. The problem is the EXTRA process I need to go through so that you can see that I am following the process. The problem is the added INSPECTION I am now getting during my deals reviews.”.

We need to stop clobbering our sales reps. We need to stop giving them MORE to do and start giving them more TIME to sell. We need to give them space to swing and “feel” the deal and let the ART of the deal take hold.

AND…we need to let an AI watch them and provide them Just in time coaching on how to drive the deal without driving them crazy!

The future of selling and coaching our sellers to be great sellers is all about AI.

Are you looking at AI for your sales org? Your competition is :).

Be TIGER…and focus on the ART….let AI do the rest.

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