Author: Virinchi Duvvuri

The Secret to Getting Meaningful Next Steps Into CRM

by Virinchi Duvvuri on November 28, 2018

Next Steps in CRM are meant to give sales leaders visibility into any deal at a glance. But a one sentence Next Step isn't going to give you the answers you need. How much insight can you really gather from:

  • Next touchpoint with J on 1/1/19.
  • Met with AB. Deal looks positive.
  • Scheduling POC.
It’s always the same. No matter what size or how mature the organization, Next Steps always look

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Back to the Basics: Do You Have Budget for This?

by Virinchi Duvvuri on August 8, 2018

How many of you have “asked for budget” in your sales process? It’s ok... you’re not alone :). Now you may all know this, or at least that’s what I thought, until I started running into prospects that had this question in their qualification process. So, for those who still don’t believe that this is a bad idea, here’s the issue: What savvy buyer, who you are still building a relationship with, is going to give up their leverage

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Account Executive, Enterprise SaaS

by Virinchi Duvvuri on June 8, 2018

What we’re looking for Artificial intelligence…SaaS…sales career…trailblazer. If these words resonate with you…then read on. We are looking for a Account Executive with enterprise software experience. This individual needs to be creative, high performing and comfortable talking to Sales Leaders and Finance Executives. You will be supported by SDRs who will help you build and grow your pipeline. You need to have experience selling software or technology solutions to SMEs and Mid-Market sized companies. Navigating a semi-complex selling process is a must since you

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We have AI

by Virinchi Duvvuri on May 16, 2018

How many times have you heard a legacy company tell you that they have AI and it will change the world? In all my discussions, every product in the market is now professing to have AI and it will change your life!

Unfortunately, AI by itself does very little. It needs your experience and learns just like a child learns how to read and

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How much did that meeting cost me?

by Virinchi Duvvuri on May 9, 2018

Do you know if your reps are being inundated with useless meetings? Do they have enough time to sell after you take out time for updating CRM, meeting on new internal initiatives, training and a slew of other time-sucking items? Did you know that updating CRM is 70% of what they do during the selling time? I thought the same...and tried all kinds of things to get reps more time to sell! At Microsoft, I would always wonder if everyone

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