Sales is like playing golf…

Virinchi Duvvuri


on January 25, 2018

Golf…I love the game. It is humbling and VERY rewarding. It’s the one game where hitting it hard is not always a good thing, especially if you have a nasty hook :).

Playing a round of golf is sure to make you humble and wish you never took up the game. You warm up at the practice range and hit the ball so flush that you feel you will have your best round. You take this confidence to the first tee and are ready to make your first birdie.

This is where it all goes wrong. You get into your stance, you visualize the perfect arc, the best balance, your hips firing through the ball and then you swing. You hit to ball hard but it hooks to the point that it almost boomerangs back to you (ok a bit of an exaggeration….but you get what I mean). What was the issue…, you “thought” so much of the science of the swing, that you forgot the art and feel. This goes on for 5 holes until you are about to throw the clubs away and take up a new sport.

Tired, frustrated and not “caring” about how you swing, you take out your trusty 3 Wood and tee up the what you consider the last ball of your golf profession. You don’t think about a thing and just “act” and to your amazement you hear a solid “ping” and the ball takes on a flight that is good enough for the Golf Channel replay list. This one shot brings you back time after time.

This is how sales works. If you over think it (the science of the sale) and don’t use your gut and grit you will duff it. If you let the “club” do the work (you) and let someone else (or something else – AI) worry about the science, you will always hit that shot and hear the that “PING”.
Ask me how some of my golfing buddies are using AI to help their teams focus on the art and let AI worry about the science OR just run a 5-minute full body scan of your pipeline and let it tell you how you can play more GOLF!

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