Scotch, Coffee, Martini or Water? Let’s Meet At Dreamforce!

Babar Batla


on October 25, 2017

I will be attending Dreamforce 2017 this year and have a ton of meetings lined up.  I plan on checking out the sales enablement technology at the event, getting inspired by Marc Benioff and meeting lots of new folks.

I wanted to make sure I left plenty of time to meet with YOU.

I’m interested in meeting you to learn more about you and your business.  If we’ve spoken on the phone before – it is always good to put a face to a voice and a name.  I’d love to hear about the tools you are using to manage your forecasts and the daily struggles you have with your sales process.   I might even mention the words “Artificial Intelligence” during our meeting.  🙂

I’ve got a lot of slots open for a variety of meetings – particularly if you want to meet for a Scotch, Coffee, Martini or Water.  We could meet during the day at Dreamforce, near by or offsite, morning, noon or night – whatever works for you.

If you wanna meet – I’ll make it work.   I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person!

Just send me an email if you are interested and lets make it happen!

-Babar Batla
CEO and Co-Founder,

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