Sales 3.0 Conference Wrap-up

Babar Batla


on September 25, 2017

I just got back from Sales 3.0 put together by Gerhard Gschwandter and Selling Power team. Sales 3.0 conference had a line up of influencers sharing their thoughts on the latest sales trends, challenges and where we are heading with customer engagement. What I appreciated most about the conference was how it kickstarted the conversation around AI (Cognitive Era) and its place in Sales.

We had a variety of speakers, experts and vendors at the conference who were all focused on continued personal growth in sales. Alice Heiman did a great job recapping the conference from an Emcee’s point of view. Here is what stuck with me:

It was a fantastic conference that left me pumped about the space we are in and excited about the times we are living in . I look forward to continuing the conversation online and throughout the social media sphere in the coming weeks and am looking forward to the next Sales 3.0 event!

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