Automatic Contact Enhancement

Arnulf Hsu


on September 7, 2017 prides itself on the guiding principal of “No Data Entry”. Today we capture Contacts automatically based on your communications with those prospects or leads and associated them with the right Opportunities. What we typically automatically capture is Name and Email, but what about things like Title, Office Phone, Mobile Phone, etc…

These things are typically available in their Email Signature, and since we are already analyzing the emails why not extract that as well.

Well, that’s exactly what we have done.

We are now enhancing Contacts for you with Full Name, Title, Phone, Mobile Phone, Company Name where they do not exist based on peoples Email Signatures. You can expect a 20-30% increase of Contact enhancement across all your current Contacts with whom you are communicating.

For Salesforce or Dynamics customers who have “sync back to my CRM” option enabled, this data is now flowing back to your CRM as well.

Enjoy the No Data Entry.

As always, if you have any trouble or want to give us some product feedback, you can reach us at

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