You Have A New Sales Process……Now What? Hire a Robot.

Babar Batla


on August 23, 2017

You Have A New Sales Process……Now What?  Hire a Robot.

At least once a year most companies do some sort of “sales process review” to evaluate whether or not their current sales process is working or not. This might have been instigated by your manager, your executive team or even your Board of directors if your forecasts have been historically inaccurate.

This evaluation might occur at an offsite or informally in a conference room over the course of an afternoon.  During the evaluation you examine and look at the different opportunity stages in the sales forecasting process.  You pour through historical forecasts by product line, by rep, by region, etc and you try to make sense of the data.

You start the exercise with the intention of simplifying the process but often end up adding more steps or additional process instead.  If you are good….and lucky….you will have removed a few steps and hopefully simplified your process.

Often times you might even engage a consultant to help you “analyze your sales process” – but then again, you probably did this last year already.

Your main concern is that your reps are sick and tired of the process.  It took them months to go through the training, the configuration, the methodology and the tweaks to get where they are and they don’t want to be introduced to any more changes or “improvements.”

After your “sales process review” you know that you can’t risk rolling out new changes to your already exhausted sales team – at least not for this next quarter, or you run the risk of missing your number (again).

As a sales leader, you know that time is of the essence – and you can’t risk your reps being bogged down with process and more updating of the CRM

So what do you do?    What can you do to implement your new Sales Process without disrupting the productivity of your reps?  Not to mention, YOU don’t have the time to monitor your sales reps to make sure they are complying to the new process.

So instead, we have an idea.

Hire a robot.

Better yet, don’t tell your reps about the new sales process and hire an AI robot to help your sales team.  

Let me explain:

At we believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning can have a significant impact on the productivity of your reps, sales process compliance, the accuracy of your forecast and ultimately your sales achievement.

Instead of putting your sales reps in a room and training them on the new sales process (and blowing an entire day of sales productivity) – we are suggesting that you impute your new sales process into and the system will automatically WATCH your sales reps activities, LOG their sales activities, COACH the reps’ sales activities on your NEW Sales Process and give them (and you) insights into how they doing and whether or not they are going to hit their number.

Now, that is a mouthful, let me get a bit more specific.

By mapping your NEW Sales Processes into, your reps will be prompted and coached at each stage on whether or not they’ve fulfilled the requirements of that particular sales stage.  Rather than training them to “always send a proposal after you’ve discussed high level pricing with your champion when moving the opportunity to Stage 5” – will be watching your rep’s activities and will PROMPT your rep to “send a proposal.”

Using artificial intelligence, will know when your rep discussed high-level pricing with your prospect (based on either email conversations or notes input into the CRM) and will prompt your sales rep to “take the next defined action.”  In this case, per your new Sales Process, the next action should be to “send the proposal.”  In addition to the prompt, instead of the rep fumbling through folders and emails, will also prompt the sales rep with the revised proposal template and email that you rewrote after your sales process review.

By leveraging you didn’t need to waste an entire day retraining your sales reps on the new process – instead, the new process is EMBEDDED in their existing workflow and will automatically coach them along the way.  Your artificial intelligence robot ( will seamlessly help your reps overcome the next obstacle in the Sales Process.  All your reps need to do is “keep doing their job” and your new Sales Process will help them navigate deals through the entire funnel.

Your sales reps will love you for not boring them for an entire day – and your Board will think you are a genius.

So if you are tired of rolling out new Sales Processes every quarter and if your sales team is burned out on sales process training – let’s talk about how hiring an artificial intelligent robot can improve the accuracy of your next sales forecast.

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