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Babar Batla


on August 2, 2017

Welcome to SalesDirector.ai, we invite you to join us on our journey to improve sales teams all around the world.

SalesDirector.ai was founded with the simple desire to improve the daily lives of sales teams and to help them develop a consistent and accurate forecast. We know that there are a myriad of tools that sales teams use on a daily basis – but in spite of the technology – they still can’t seem to get an accurate sales forecast. So we decided to think deeply about the entire selling motion cycle that contributes, informs and shapes a sales forecast. We looked at process tools, analytic tools, predictive tools, spreadsheets, browser extensions, methodologies, gurus, books and we examined them against our 20 years of experience in the enterprise sales world. What we came up with was SalesDirector.ai.

We believe that there is a science to the sales process. Sure, there is also an art to the sales process (you probably hired your sales reps to “artfully” sell your products) but we believe that every successful sales team has a defined sales process and that science can be applied to those processes. We believe that sales teams can leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to monitor, improve and correct your best practices through the entire enterprise sales cycle…..leaving your sales reps to manage the art of the sale. Or, shall we say, the human-side of the sale?

At the root of an inaccurate sales forecast is often a lack of good data. Afterall, your forecast is only as good as the data that is in your CRM and that depends entirely on how often your sales reps update that CRM data.

As such, bad data is at the core of why deals are falling through the cracks. Your sales reps and your sales leaders do not know where to focus their time and attention. Your sales managers are not getting the early warning signs about deals that they need to adjust their pipelines. As a result, deals are going south and slipping to next quarter.

We understand that sales reps don’t like to follow process – even if those processes are rooted in the proven best practices of your company. But if your reps are not following your best practices – then your forecast accuracy is doomed.

But it gets worse – we’ve found that even the mature organizations that have a proven selling motion and methodology are struggling with their sales reps following the right processes. It is almost impossible for a manager to know whether or not a rep is engaged with the right person on every deal – unless she spends untold hours clicking through every opportunity and discussing EVERY DEAL with the sales rep. This is not realistic.

Asking your sales reps to do MORE CRM data entry these days is a non-starter. Any sales tool that requires your reps to enter MORE data is a waste of time. You hired reps for their sales abilities – not their data entry skills!

We feel your pain. We’ve lived it. And we want to solve it.

We don’t want “the process” to get in the way of the selling motion. And we don’t want to introduce a NEW PROCESS into your company – afterall, YOU know which best practices work for your business.

Instead, we decided to build a platform that would help your sales team follow YOUR proven best practices and would coach your reps along the way. Our AI engine will analyze each opportunity that the reps are working and will be able to make stage-appropriate insights for each opportunity. As the reps respond to the coaching by either making the appropriate adjustments or correcting the insights – SalesDirector.ai will get smarter and make your sales team more and more efficient.

The end result is an accurate forecast that is based on the observations and the activities that your sales reps are actually performing at each stage of your proven sales process. The forecast will be built on accurate data without your sales reps having to perform any additional data entry.

In addition to creating an accurate and consistent forecast, SalesDirector.ai will coach your team to follow your best practices and will free up your sales leaders to focus on the deals that matter instead of going through every deal in the pipeline.

We invite you to follow our blog and see a demo of SalesDirector.ai to learn more about how to build a successful sales team and how to get a more accurate sales forecast.

Happy Selling!
Babar, Virinchi & Arnulf (Founders @SalesDirector.ai)

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